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Cycles you wish they would finish

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This will most likely end up about lands as they're the primary cycles not finished but which ones do you wish they would finish?

For me it's the lairs like Rith's Grove. 20 years later, it's not likely to happen and maybe it's out of nostalgia that I want them, but I've always wanted them for some reason.

ETA- since we're talking nostalgia, I'll throw in the slow fetches (Bad River for example). That would be a nice budget option for people.

The damned Sword of Noun and Noun cycle. I have been waiting since DARKSTEEL for them to finish it. WotC still owes me a gruul sword and a dimir sword.

I also really like the Magus cycles. We kind of got Magus of the Cradle already,  and Magus of the Diamond, but I'd be happy to see something like Magus of the Chains.

Personally I'd have so much fun with a blue urborg, tomb of yawgmoth. I love island dependant cards and would love to build a deck abusing it however I'm scared for the toxicity other the red one with valakut, the molten pinnacle and the white one with cards like emeria shepherd.


--- Quote from: Varatius on July 17, 2021, 08:39:35 am ---Personally I'd have so much fun with a blue urborg, tomb of yawgmoth.

--- End quote ---

Boiling Seas price would skyrocket

With the printing of Piru, the Volatile, I have high hopes we'll see the completion of the OG templated elder dragons cycle.

I love the design space they explored with Piru too. Turning the downside into a potential upside (and nuclear bomb).

I've built decks for the OG 5 and only Bolas and Vaevictis felt like they were worth running in the command zone. I've been brewing Piru and while I'm yet to play it, it seems like easily the best commander of the 8 mana elders. More of this please.


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