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Do you have a pet card that you love to put in a deck while not optimal just gives you joy to play?

I've found myself doing this with Archangel of Thune in my Varina deck. The lifegain from Varina can trigger it and make my other zombies bigger, but it really doesn't fit the theme of the deck. This is all because the card is a favorite of mine with fond memories of playing it in standard.

For me it’s Arcbond. Have one in my Zurgo Helmsmasher deck. It’s a fun combat trick. Attack with Zurgo, opponent blocks, cast arcbond, 7 points of damage to everyone. Essentially a board wipe for 3 mana and Zurgo is the only one still on the board.

Whenever I draft a deck with red in it, I have to fight the urge to throw in a Blistering Firecat.
Since I started playing Magic during 'Onslaught' it's obvious why it's been a favourite of mine all these years... but it's such a good card and a real shocker for every unsuspecting enemy

Mine is definitely mana flare. I don't care if it helps everyone else I just like that it speeds up games and it allows people to do stuff. Any commander deck that has red in it and rest assured it has mana flare in the deck.

I'm fond of Pyxis of Pandemonium.  It's a really fun chaos card.  And as a one-drop artifact, it slots easily into any deck.

The really fun part is that the exile is face-down.  So your opponents have no idea what they are losing.


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