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Morganator 2.0:
With the release of cards like Thorough Investigation and Search the Premises, clue tokens as a source of draw is becoming more common. Do you think that clues are a good source of card draw? And are you planning on using any of the new investigate cards in your decks?

The Golgari Guy:
Personally, I think both of these cards are pretty bad and wouldn't play them in a generic white deck just for value. Maybe I would consider Thorough Investigation in an aggressive mono W decks, but Search the Premises is pretty terrible since your opponents controls how many Clues you get, and also it's clues and not straight up cards.

White is starting to get some good card draw lately (Mangara the Diplomat, Esper Sentinel, and I also like Secret Rendezvous), so there's probably no need to play such bad effects.

That said, they could be worth it in the right deck. Examples: Zirda, the Dawnwaker, Thalisse, Reverent Medium etc.

I don't care that much for those cards. Just leaving 2 mana open just to draw a card doesn't feel like value especially if you have a few clues laying around on your side of the board. How many cards is one person really going to draw with a bunch of clues in a game? 2-5 I am going to guess cause that will cost 4 to 10 mana when that mana could be used for other things.

Thorough Investigation - Five mana for your first card, but you can get it that turn if you have the two mana to use the clue after casting the enchantment and attacking. Two mana for each subsequent card, but limited to one per turn (barring extra combat cards). Seven mana total for two cards, nine mana for three cards, etc. There's some extra value from the dungeons, but without other venture cards or clue generators, progress through the dungeons will be slow.

Not so good.

It would have been GREAT if the enchantment had given clue tokens the ability "T, Sacrifice this artifact: Draw a card.” One card per turn as long as you're attacking, for a three-mana investment. Essentially the same rate as Phyrexian Arena, which might be less impressive in Black but is exactly what an aggressive White or Boros deck needs.

The short answer is no. The only exception is if I have a synergy. I love clues in Korvold and wouldnt mind them Akiri Lineslinger etc.


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