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What sleeves do you use?

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My favourite Sleeves are: Dragon Shield Matte and KMC Perfect Fit. The perfect Team for my cards.

Elan Morin Tedronai:
Dragon Shield as well all the way as ApothecaryGeist. Only my "7★ Auras Guild Ultra Pro Box Ltd." that speaks for itself is in Ultra Pro. Why? Because, they're "disregardful box" that I play only at home. They're 7 decks and not in my "official" Tribes, but combinations of several ones, so I consider them inferior to my Dragon Shield decks. I also have to agree with Apothecary: there're at least 3 to 5 extras in 100-sleeves-box and with 2 boxes, you can cover 3 decks, with 3 boxes you can go to 6 decks, which is perfectly fine for me. So, Dragon Shield, to the end.

I like dragon shield matte usually the art ones if they have them.

Just to pile on - I use/prefer Dragon Shield Matte. They shuffle well without being too slick, I like the feel of the matte texture, they seem to hold up fairly well, and I love the color variety.

Elan Morin Tedronai:
Is there actually an alternative to Ultra Pro in price, quantity and quality? I said I am Dragon Shield all the way, but Ultra Pro Aura Guild Box can be easily changed with other cheap alternative. Hence the name really. Mayday?


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