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What sleeves do you use?

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I'm a Dragon Shield fan. Have got Ultra Pro Eclipse (didn't like them that much) and I have some older Ultra Pros (which were good considering they've now lasted for about 20 years) but I always find myself looking at the nice Art Editions of Dragon Shields. Have not tried Katanas yet, I probably should! Then again I quite like it when the card is thick and stays in shape.

I double sleeve using dragon shield sealable sleeves as my inner sleeves and ultimate guard katanas for my outer sleeves.

This creates the best combination of waterproofing I found aswell as pulls the curls out of my foils over time.

I've utilized standard ultra-pros and they are very nice for a short period of time and then after that are prone to losing their smooth factor and are not nearly as durable as Dragon shields. I have gotten glossy and matte dragon shields. I like both and am convinced this is the best bang for your buck. They might lose sheen and overall smoothness over time, but they are in great condition for months and usable condition for years upon years. Seriously, I know it's lame to take the side of 1 product, but Dragon Shields are unmatched in quality. I have not tried the Eclipse Sleeves from UltraPro though so I do have a blind spot there.

Dragon Shield all the way. 

They last a lot (A LOT) longer than Ultra Pro. 

Also, a 100-count pack of Ultra Pro contains exactly 100 sleeves.  If you put your commander in a different sleeve, then you only have one extra.  Ultra Pros always peel and shred on me.  So I always need extras.  Whereas a 100-count pack of DragonShield contains at least 4 extra.  I've had as many as 7, but not in any box I've bought recently.  Ironically though, I've only needed a spare DragonShield a couple tmes.  And that's with a deck that I had played, and therefore shuffled, A LOT over the course of a year or so.

Dragon shield.

I used to use the cheapest sleeves I could get, but they shuffled badly, and the sleeves let in a lot of dirt and grime.
For £2.50 more I could get dragon shield, and they were heads and tails better. So never went back.

When I played standard I used ultra pro standard sleeves, which were not bad, but dragon shield is 100% my new favourite.

I do agree with another poster on here, finding a deck box can be a pia, I’m currently using game genic deck boxes which fit dragon shield sleeves perfectly


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