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Why do lookout combos when you can just win


So here I am wanting to build a spectral adversary and stasis combo deck however every time I think about it I just sit there think using the same set up I can just win. 
It's so frustrating because this is the kind of stuff I like to do is soft lock people but literally every time they print a card that helps soft lock lately I find myself asking why not just have a wincon in this spot because it just ends the game there.

I often face  the same issue. Sometimes I just try to build the deck anyway and see if there might be other wincons that depend on the combo I'm trying to pull off. I think I used Omen Machine in one of my decks to get infinite turns, basically, letting me hit my opponents with my commander for infinite commander damage. But the entire thing hinged on the fact that I was able to lock the board in place.


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