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Morganator 2.0:
We've had a lot of time now to use the modal double-faced cards from Zendikar Rising and Strixhaven. So of the cards that you use, is there one side to them that you prefer to use, or a side that you'll never use?

For example, I'll always play the Wandering Archaic side. Explore the Vastlands just isn't as good of an ability.

The Golgari Guy:
I mostly play the Zendikar MDFCs, and with them my reasoning is pretty simple: if I need a land drop, I play the land side. Otherwise, I hold it back.

In one deck I play Selfless Glyphweaver // Deadly Vanity, but I still have to draw it.

The one I'm currently playing in a deck, Agadeem's Awakening // Agadeem, the Undercrypt , I find myself always playing Agadeem's Awakening. I rarely need the mana but almost always is the other side relevant even if it's only for x equaling 3-4.

I'm kinda 50-50 on this. I try to use my mana efficiently and hence I just slap a land MDFC down as a land if it's not useful immediately or in the near future. I like my land drops so that's my justification for it. Haven't regretted those decisions too many times to change my attitude towards them.

When it comes to the MDFCs that have a spell on both sides... I don't really play those. I like flexibility in general but I just don't find myself adding those to my decks due to finding other cards that do the thing better.

I don't find myself using a lot of MDFCs.  Except the Pathways.  I use those a lot.

I do like Malakir Rebirth.  At only 1 mana, the land on the back is just a bonus.  I've never played that land.

I've got a couple other MDFCs in some decks right now.  Most are in the deck specifically just for one side.

The exception is Egon, God of Death.  He's in my Kathril deck.  I intend to cast Throne of Death to help power the graveyard action.  But then when it is in the graveyard itself, it is a creature with deathtouch for Kathril to trigger with.


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