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Evaluation and improvement of my deck


The basic idea is to play with the dogs and the white planeswalker. What do you think of my deck, where are the weak points and possibilities for improvement? What kind of side deck do you recommend?

link to my deck: https://deck.tk/5zMn0G2x

Grundgedanke ist mit den Hunden und dem weißen Planeswalker zu spielen. Was sagt ihr zu meinem Deck, wo sind Schwachstellen und Verbesserungsmöglichkeiten? Was für ein Sidedeck empfehlt ihr mir?

Link zu meinem Deck: https://deck.tk/5zMn0G2x

Elan Morin Tedronai:
Something casual and budget like this? Keeping the core, but more Lords, man. More Pack Leader and Mastiffs. Make it mono-colored for that manner. Not more than 3 mana value and 20 plains. There aren't many at all, but why don't you envision it like this. The land is not that good, imho, but it's your call.

4 Alpine Watchdog
4 Pack Leader
4 Gate Hound
4 Selfless Savior
4 Boros Mastiff
4 Warclamp Mastiff
4 Warded Battlements

2 Feat of Resistance
2 Swift Response
4 Angelic Gift
2 Glorious Anthem
2 Banishing Light

20 Plains

Thanks for your answer, it's an interesting idea. I hadn't actually thought of it. How do you think I could put together the 2021 Core Set of Red and White and does it make sense to have a Planeswalker with it?

Elan Morin Tedronai:
It's your call: not all my decks have planeswalkers. Such a "friendly" Tribe as hounds/dogs are good for making something very budgetary and not overblowing it. Still: make it mono-color and make it good.


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