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Author Topic: [Commander] From beginner's theory 2 practice: Lathril's Elvish Roundhouse Kicks  (Read 393 times)


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Lathril's Elvish Roundhouse Kicks

Sorry for these strange card categories. They help me to overview somthing like a "strategy".
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These are some good questions. I'll go through them one at a time.

Is the mana curve to low?

The mana curve is fine. You're more likely to have a mana curve that's too high than one that's too low. As a general rule you will want most of your spells to cost around 3 mana or less, and most decks have "2" being the most common cost.

Are 33 Lands are enough?

Elf decks typically can use a lower amount of lands, because they have a lot of mana ramp. You're probably going to want a little bit more. Try to get your hands on an Arbor Elf, Birds of Paradise, Joraga Treespeaker, and Utopia Sprawl.

Do I have enough creatures? If no, where to cut?

You can probably do with a few more creatures, but the quality of cards often matters more than creatures versus non-creatures. Besides, you've got a lot of things that make tokens. Don't worry too much.

Considering your Commander experience: which cards in this deck look good in theory but bad in Commander games?

Exsanguinate. Torment of Hailfire is better, but for this deck Lathril and the elves themselves can be a win condition, and are all you really need. You can also cut Jarad, as he doesn't add anything to the deck, as well as Shaman of the Pack and Skemfar Shadowsage, as they're a pretty limited one-time effect. I'm also not sure how well Lithoform Engine will perform.

For additional things to add in, Rishkar's Expertise is some really good card draw. It goes well with the Voltron subtheme you're cultivating.


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If you are looking for a way to playtest your deck, I would suggest using it's a really great website to play on and its completely free, you can play any format you want and also some games other than mtg. There are almost always people online looking to play a game. I would strongly recommend it. Good luck in your EDH deckbuilding endeavors.