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Author Topic: Mini Magic Debut Series: upcoming $200 championship + preliminary decklists  (Read 205 times)


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Last month, 4 online preliminary events were held for the Mini Magic format. A wide variety of decks were showcased (lists below) and a new player won each week.
Now all thats left for the Debut Series is the championship event with $200 in paper MTG cards being offered as prizepool!

The championship will take place on Sunday 4/7/24 at 2PM EST. Its free to enter and matches will be played online using Cockatrice, so the barrier for entry is minimal.
The championship is capped at 16 entrants, first come first serve!
Matches will be streamed by Conduit Gaming: CG Twitch
To register, visit the tournament page: Mini Magic Debut Series
If you have questions, join the Discord: Mini Magic Server
All other resources can be found here: Mini Magic LinkTree

Here are the top 4 decklists from each preliminary:
Note: some lists are no longer fully legal due to changes to the B&R List


1st) Hollow Vine by epikfaal
2nd) Mill by Creestab
3rd) RB Aggro by BugBolt
4th) Storm by WithoutAnAce


1st) Red Deck Wins by aphelion_
2nd) UW Control by epikfaal
3rd) UG Tempo by Sea_Serpant
4th) UW Hatebears by Creestab


1st) Initiative by RiceVermicelli
2nd) Vault & Key by Milk
3rd) Eldrazi by Creestab
4th) Channel Combo by epikfaal


1st) Shadow by Sea_Serpant
2nd) Jund by Creestab
3rd) Flash Wurm by aphelion_
4th) Initiative by RiceVermicelli
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What is Mini Magic?
Come brew some jank with us!


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Its a format from a while ago thats recently been overhauled. Heres a link to the ruleset:

Basically smaller libraries, starting hand size, starting life, ect.