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Magic: The Gathering (MTG) is not just a game; it's a universe of strategies, battles, and lore. Building a deck that embodies your unique style and strategy is crucial to your success as a player. That's where deckstats comes in, your modern visual MTG deck builder designed to elevate your game. Whether you're a seasoned planeswalker or new to the multiverse, this platform offers a comprehensive set of tools to create, analyze, and refine your ultimate deck.

Why Choose deckstats for Your MTG Deck Building?

Comprehensive Search and Stats Analysis

Deckstats allows you to search for cards by name, type, ability, and more, making finding the perfect additions to your deck effortless. Beyond mere search capabilities, it provides detailed statistics on your deck's composition, mana curve, and card type ratios. This level of analysis helps fine-tune your strategy, ensuring your deck is balanced and competitive.

Price Comparison and Budgeting

Building a powerful deck doesn't have to break the bank. Deckstats integrates price comparisons from leading platforms like TCGPlayer, Card Kingdom, Cardhoarder, Miracle Games and Cardmarket. This feature allows you to make cost-effective choices without compromising on quality, ensuring you get the best deals for your cards.

Seamless Integration and Exporting

Import your deck from Arena, MTGO, and other formats directly into the deckstats editor. This platform supports a wide range of formats, ensuring your deck transitions smoothly from one system to another. Plus, you can export your crafted deck back to Arena, MTGO, and many other formats, making deckstats a versatile tool for all your MTG needs.

Supported file types:

  • .cod (Cockatrice)
  • .csv (Deckbox)
  • .dck (XMage)
  • .dec (Apprentice)
  • .dek (MTGO Magic Online)
  • .mwDeck (MWS)
  • .o8d (OCTGN)

Starting hand test and Collection Tracking

Playtest your deck with the modern starting hand feature, allowing you to simulate your starting hand as well as a Mulligan and refine your strategy. Track your collection within deckstats, ensuring you build decks with cards you own. This personalized approach to deck building enhances your connection to the game, making each victory even more rewarding.

MTG deck builder features at a Glance

  1. Visual and Text Input Modes: Drag and drop cards or add them through text input for flexible deck building.
  2. Price Comparison Tools: Access prices from major retailers to build within your budget.
  3. Advanced Statistics: Analyze your deck's stats for a balanced and competitive build.
  4. Seamless Importing and Exporting: Easily transfer decks between Arena, MTGO, and more.
  5. Starting Hand Test: Simulate your starting hand to refine strategies before the real battle.
  6. Collection Tracking: Build with cards you own for a personalized deck building experience.
  7. Recommendations: Utilize data from EDHREC for deck building insights and inspiration.

Building Your First Deck with deckstats

Step 1: Conceptualize Your Strategy

Start by defining your strategy. Are you aiming for quick victories, or do you prefer a more controlled, defensive playstyle? Your strategy will guide your card selection and overall deck composition.

Step 2: Search and Select Cards

Use deckstats’ search functionality to find cards that align with your strategy. Consider your mana curve, ensuring a good balance of spells, creatures, and lands.

Step 3: Analyze and Optimize

Review the statistics provided by deckstats to balance your deck. Pay attention to your mana curve, card types, and color distribution to ensure a well-rounded deck.

Step 4: Playtest and Refine

This process will help you identify strengths and weaknesses, allowing for further refinement.

Step 5: Export and play

Once satisfied, export your deck to your preferred format and prepare for battle. Remember, a great deck is always evolving, so revisit deckstats to tweak your deck as you gain new cards and insights.


Can deckstats help me build a deck within a specific budget?

Yes, deckstats integrates price comparison tools from leading card retailers, helping you find the best deals and build a competitive deck within your budget.

How accurate is the starting hand simulation?

While no simulation can perfectly replicate the unpredictability of a real MTG match, deckstats’ starting hand simulater provides a solid foundation for understanding how your deck performs under various scenarios.

Can I share my deck with others?

Absolutely. Deckstats allows you to export and share your deck in various formats, making it easy to showcase your strategy and get feedback from the community.

Does deckstats offer recommendations for deck building?

Yes, deckstats utilizes recommendation data from us and EDHREC to provide insights and inspiration for your deck building process.

Building your MTG deck with deckstats not only streamlines the process but also enriches your experience as a player. With its comprehensive suite of tools, from card search and price comparison to advanced statistics and playtesting, deckstats is your ultimate companion in the Magic: The Gathering universe. Start building your dream deck today and bring your strategic visions to life.

Supported file types:
  • .cod (Cockatrice)
  • .csv (Deckbox)
  • .dck (XMage)
  • .dec (Apprentice)
  • .dek (MTGO Magic Online)
  • .mwDeck (MWS)
  • .o8d (OCTGN)
This deck is not empty. Would you like to replace the entire deck with the list that you uploaded or would you like to add the cards to the deck?
Basic Format
  • One card per line, amount in front of card name separated by a space
  • Specify the set for a card by adding [ABC] in front of the card name, where ABC is the set's abbreviation
  • Use English or German card names
  • Insert a section heading by starting a line with //
  • Make a sideboard with the special heading //Sideboard
  • Make a maybeboard with the special heading //Maybeboard
Card Options
  • Comment a single card by putting "# comment text" at the end of the line
  • Several special flags will be detected in the comment, for example: !Foil, !Commander, !Proxy

Override properties such as mana cost or price by adding an override string at the end of the line, enclosed in < and >. For example: <cost={WU}{U}>

For more information and a full list of available overrides here.

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