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    Friends of the day Hello !!

    This time here is a izzet deck:

    This game is based on the ability to copy ephemeral and ritual spells and to choose new targets for copied spells. Creatures can either copy or boost when casting an instant or ritual spell.

    I particularly like the echo mage for this type of deck because once leveled it will be able to copy a spell twice for just two mana.

    I put lots like twinning or reverberation that will copy other fate at low cost like lightning, brainstorm, izzet charm, electrolysis.

    The most powerful spell for me charm of izzet and electrolysis because they adapt perfectly to this type of game. But maybe I did not put enough spell (pick, blast, thwart, etc)?
    In any case I find that the rituals are mostly quite expensive and they are no more powerful than a lightning copy once or twice (but maybe I'm wrong: /)

    Here we have a simple and effective game that I appreciate a lot. I also put niv-mizzet, the firemind rather than his counterpart but it is exchangeable.

    The mirari (still a card that I love for its history more than for its power) fits perfectly in this game :)

    The fates I chose, I took them for their versatility and strength as well as for their low mana cost.
    But if you know other fate more suitable or better do not hesitate to comment on them;)

    In reserve I put some red / blue cards like nivix guildmage or izzet guildmage and some "synergies" like blistercoil weird (1 of mana) that we can boost with dynacharge (a 4/2 'vigilance') or kiln fiend + leap of flame (5/2 vol initiative). I also put cards that can give ideas for red / blue izzet deck

    Good evening friends !!


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