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Adventurous ImpulseAdventurous ImpulseAdventurous ImpulseChandra, Bold PyromancerElfhame DruidElfhame DruidElfhame DruidElfhame DruidFiery InterventionFiery InterventionFiery InterventionFight with FireFight with FireFight with FireFight with FireForestForestForestForestForestForestForestForestGilded LotusGilded LotusGrand Warlord RadhaGrand Warlord RadhaGrow from the AshesGrow from the AshesGrow from the AshesGrunn, the Lonely KingGrunn, the Lonely KingHallar, the FirefletcherHallar, the FirefletcherLlanowar ElvesLlanowar ElvesLlanowar ElvesLlanowar ElvesMarwyn, the NurturerMarwyn, the NurturerMemorial to UnityMemorial to UnityMemorial to UnityMemorial to UnityMountainMountainMountainMountainMountainMountainTimber GorgeTimber GorgeTimber GorgeTimber GorgeUntamed KavuUntamed KavuUntamed KavuUntamed KavuWild OnslaughtWild Onslaught

Baloth GorgerBaloth GorgerBaloth GorgerKrosan DruidKrosan DruidKrosan DruidLlanowar EnvoyLlanowar EnvoyLlanowar EnvoyLlanowar ScoutLlanowar ScoutLlanowar ScoutPierce the SkySeismic ShiftSeismic Shift