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Adanto VanguardAkroma, Angel of WrathArcane SignetArchangel of ThuneAurelia, Exemplar of JusticeAurelia, the WarleaderBattlefield ForgeBlood Baron of VizkopaBlood CryptBloodfell CavesBoros CharmBoros SignetCairn WandererCathartic ReunionCavern WhispererCaves of KoilosChittering HarvesterChromatic LanternClifftop RetreatCloudpiercerCommand TowerConcerted EffortCrystalline GiantCubwardenDeath-Mask DuplicantDirge BatDragonskull SummitEverquill PhoenixFaithless LootingFlawless ManeuverFlayed NimGiver of RunesGodless ShrineGrave TitanHuntmaster LigerInferno TitanInsatiable HemophageIroas, God of VictoryIsolated ChapelKunoros, Hound of AthreosLeonin IconoclastLicia, Sanguine TribuneLuminous BroodmothMajestic AuricornMindleecherMother of RunesMountainMountainMountainMountainMountainMountainMythos of SnapdaxNecropantherNomad OutpostOdric, Lunarch MarshalOrzhov SignetPhyrexian ArenaPlainsPlainsPlainsPlainsPlainsPlainsPorcuparrotRakdos SignetRegal LeosaurRuinous UltimatumSacred FoundrySavai TriomeScoured BarrensShatter the SkySnapdax, Apex of the HuntSol RingSolemn RecruitSolemn SimulacrumSoulflayerSublime ExhalationSulfurous SpringsSun TitanSwampSwampSwampSwampSwampSwampSwords to PlowsharesTemple of MaliceTemple of SilenceTemple of TriumphTethmos High PriestThrill of PossibilityTragic ArroganceUtter EndValorous StanceVampire NighthawkVulpikeetWind-Scarred CragWrath of GodZurgo Helmsmasher