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Aid from the CowlAkroan HorseApproach of the Second SunArcane DenialArcane SignetArjun, the Shifting FlameAthreos, Shroud-VeiledAvarice TotemBadlandsBayouBlasphemous ActBlood ClockBloodthirsty BladeBojuka BogBoros CharmBreeding PoolCaptive AudienceCelestial DawnChaos WarpChromatic LanternCleansing MeditationCleansing NovaCloud CoverCommand TowerConfusion in the RanksConjured CurrencyCruel RealityCrystal QuarryCyclonic RiftDisallowDjinn of Infinite DeceitsEvil TwinExotic OrchardExquisite BloodEyes EverywhereField of the DeadFont of MythosFrontier BivouacGate to the AetherGilded DrakeHappily Ever AfterHarmless OfferingHeartbeat of SpringHive MindHowling MineIndatha TriomeJinxed RingKenrith, the Returned KingKetria TriomeLazotep PlatingLeyline of AnticipationLich's MasteryLightning GreavesMana FlareMystic MonasteryMystic SanctuaryNaked SingularityNomad OutpostOko, Thief of CrownsOpulent PalaceOvergrown TombPerplexing ChimeraPlanewide CelebrationPlateauPrivileged PositionPuca's MischiefRain of GoreRaugrin TriomeRedirectReflecting PoolReliquary TowerRole ReversalSacred FoundrySandsteppe CitadelSavai TriomeSavannahScrublandSeedborn MuseSol RingStomping GroundSudden SubstitutionSwiftfoot BootsTaigaTeferi's ProtectionTeferi's Puzzle BoxTeferi, Mage of ZhalfirTemple GardenTree of PerditionTriskaidekaphobiaTropical IslandTundraUnderground SeaUnsettled MarinerVedalken OrreryVenser's JournalVolcanic IslandWarp WorldWastelandWatery GraveWeathered WayfarerWheel of FateWheel of Sun and MoonWhirlpool WarriorWrath of GodZagoth TriomeZedruu the Greathearted