Horobi, (Draw to your) Death's Wail (EDH / Commander)

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    Horobi changes the way everyone has to play the game. When any creature is targeted it is destroyed. Decks that use Auras and Equipment are completely shutdown by this until Horobi is off the table. It also indirectly affects the way cards like Swords to Plowshares and Path to Exile work due to Horobi's ability killing the targeted creature before the spell resolves. Because Horobi's ability triggers on cast, opponents will still lose the targeted creature if they remove Horobi in response to an ability. Horobi leads to a lot of "does that target..." questions when in play, and subsequently a lot of "take backs"...if you group allows them.

    Outside of the typical Ramp/Draw/Removal package, this deck uses a Targeting and Life gain package. It should be noted that this deck uses life as a resource to draw cards, so there is an increase in Draws spells, specifically based around "Pay X life, Draw X cards". On to the deck list.

    TARGETING - Most if not all of this effect require Horobi to be in play to be effective!!!!
    Cauldron of Souls - Currently the best artifact targeting we have due to the ability to target mulitple creatures at one time.
    Touch of Darkness - 1 CMC, one-sided board INSTANT speed. What more can you ask for.
    Oasis/Maze of Ith/Urborg - How many creatures do you know have "protection from lands?"
    Retribution of the Ancients/Hex Parasite/Belbe's Armor/Infused Arrows - X can equal zero. Tap and destroy, or in the Parasite and Retribution's case pay a black and destroy target creature
    Liquimetal Coating + Karn, Silver Golem - Together these two can wreck havoc on ANY permanent on the battlefield. I am yet to get both into play that the same time, so I do not know if the Karn aspect of this combo is worth the slot. Only time will tell.
    Scuttlemutt - Tap to destroy a creature and doubles as mana ramp
    Staff of Nin -Tap to destroy a creature and doubles as card draw
    Squee's Toy/Distorting Lens/Power Matrix/Scale of Chiss-Goria/Tooth of Chiss-Goria/Tower of Coireall - Tap and destroy a creature

    The majority of the targeting revolves around artifacts. I am working on acquiring an Unwinding Clock to make them all even more effective.

    Palace Siege - Drains opponents or returns a creature from graveyard to your hand. Will probably be cut for the Unwinding Clock when I acquire it
    Elixir of Immortality - 5 life and shuffle graveyard
    Exsanguinate - Drain everyone gain bunch of life. WinCon
    Kokusho, the Evening Star/Gray Merchant of Asphodel - One drains when he enters, one drains when it leaves. Both combo well with Nim's Deathmantle
    Falkenrath Noble/Blood Artist - Aristocrats drain
    Sangromancer - gain life when an opponent's creature goes to the graveyard
    Venser's Journal - Gain life for each card in hand, no maximum hand size
    Alhammarret's Archive - Double Life gain

    I am wanting to add an Exquisite Blood to the deck, but will not run the combo with Sanguine Bond.

    Dark Confidant/Dark Tutelage - put top card into hand during upkeep, pay life equal to CMC. Risky but card advantage is card advantage.
    Read the Bones/Sign in Blood/Succumb to Temptation/Night's Whisper - Pay life, draw cards in spell form
    Damnable Pact - Same as above, can double as a kill spell too.
    Bloodgift Demon/Phyrexian Arena/Seizan, Perverter of Truth, Necropotence, Underworld Connections - Pay life, draw cards in permanent form. Surprisingly, some opponents like Seizan.
    Harvester of Souls - Opponent's creature dies, draw a card. Not fond of this one, yet. Just hasn't play out like I think it should
    Solemn Simulacrum - Draw when it dies
    Staff of Nin - One-sided Howling Mine
    Alhammarret's Archive - Double all draw but the first card of draw step. This is amazing when you are drawing twice the cards for the same life payment.

    RAMP - Due to Horobi's "fragile" nature, I am planning on casting her for significant amounts of mana (Record is 14 as of 6-6-2018.) Therefore mana doublers are big in this deck. The only one I am not running at the moment is Gauntlet of Power because it is in another deck...for now!
    Sol Ring/Mind Stone/Thought Vessel/Jet Medallion/Commander's Sphere - typical mana rocks
    Scuttlemutt/Solemn Simulacrum/Burnished Hart - Creature ramp. Burnished Hart may be replaced with another rock (Darksteel Ingot or Gauntlet of Power) due to basically needing 6 to get two lands
    Nirkana Revenant/Crypt Ghast/Extraplanar Lens/Caged Sun - mana doublers. Crypt Ghast extorts too (Yes it is legal in a mono-black
    Black Market - Add a counter when a creature dies. Add a {B} to your mana pool for each counter at the beginning of your precombat main phase. This can do a lot of work if left unchecked. Had it up to 20 one time before it was destroyed

    UTILITY - I am putting the rest in this category. Basically these were added in as 'issues' presented themselves during game play
    Mutilate - because Avacyn sucks
    Spine of Ish Sah/Scour from Existence - While "protection from lands" may not be a thing, "protection from black" is.
    Ruinous Path/Hero's Downfall - Sometime you need to kill something when Horobi is not around and Planeswalkers suck too.
    Nim Deathmantle - Combos well with Kokusho and Grey, also can save a the Ghast or Revenant in a pinch
    Shadows of the Past - Good card selection with a bunch of creature going to the graveyard. Can double as life drain late game.
    Sudden Spoiling - Because Avacyn is not the only one that sucks. Don't forget to have some kind of "removal" ready
    Revel in Riches - Wincon
    Glaring Spotlight/Arcane Lighthouse - Remove hexproof and shroud from other creatures
    Vampiric Tutor/Demonic Tutor/Mastermind's Acquistion - Tutors. I hate tutors. I think they take away from the "Highlander" concept of Commander. They will be replaced in the near future. Will end up being more card draw.

    That is it! Tell me what you think. I welcome all comments and suggestions.

    Thanks for looking.



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