Najeela Jankfest 2k18 (EDH / Commander)

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    [WIP] This deck is Work in Progress (not finished)


    Hi everyone, welcome to my janky Najeela, the Blade-Blossom deck! I wasn't initially impressed with her as I read her ability as only getting a token whenever one or more warriors attack, not whenever any warrior attacks. Thanks to Tomer Abramovici from MTGGoldfish for his article pointing this out, While seemingly minor, this means we can flood the board extremely quickly with warriors as our tokens produce more tokens! Assuming they survive the first round of combat, of course. The deck itself is pretty simple as we play a lot of warriors, a whopping 43 of them. We have ways to make those warriors larger with cards like Cathars' Crusade, Bramblewood Paragon, and Lovisa Coldeyes. We also have ways to give them evasion with cards like Blood-Chin Rager, Archetype of Aggression, and Iroas, God of Victory. These cards are all designed to help us punch through as much damage as quickly as possible. We also have some card draw with Raiders' Spoils, Azra Oddsmaker, and Mentor of the Meek to replenish our hand by doing what we want to, attacking and making tokens. Now I would like to talk about my favorite part of the deck, Primal Surge. Remember when I said we were janky? Read that card and look at the decklist again. We have 99 permanents so when we cast Primal Surge, we're gonna flip our deck and swing for the fences. The sheer volume of warriors, lands, and ramp we dump onto the battlefield should be more than enough to win, whether through one big attack or activating Najeela's ability a few times. We have 5 cards that grant haste, so there's no reason our creatures shouldn't be able to attack. We also have cards like Thrasher Brute and Blood-Chin Fanatic to drain our opponents as well. If our opponents live through the onslaught and we lose by decking ourselves, well, so be it. At least we went out glorious enough way to make any warrior proud!

    Quick note; I was trying to make this deck as budget friendly as possible, hence the manabase. I understand it would certainly gain consistently/speed through fetches, shocks, or any other dual lands than can etb untapped. I just do not have these cards.



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