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Ashnod and Her Shiny Trinkets (EDH / Commander)

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Trinkets and Baubles, Ashnod the Uncaring loves them all.

The game plan of this deck is to play cheap artifacts that can sacrifice themselves for free or for very little mana. Sacrifice them with Ashnod on the battlefield to outvalue your opponents. Then bring them back to repeat the process. Thus creating a little value engine.

The nice thing about Ashnod is that she allows us to use artifacts that are normally unplayable. A great example of this is Implement of Examination. This is an ALL-STAR in this deck. Three cards for 1U. Best value in the deck with the right setup. Renegade Map & Traveler's Amulet are two pieces of ramp that are normally unplayably bad, but with Ashnod they become much better. Good? No, but at least better than before.

We will also be playing the artifacts at a reduced cost or free with cards like Foundry Inspector. So with just one cost reducer all of our 1 drops are now 0. Our reanimation package will be the usual suspects Myr Retriever, Goblin Engineer, and Goblin Welder are prime examples of how we will be loping the artifacts out of our graveyard. With our value engine on the battlefield, how do we benefit/win from it? We will use cards like Golem Foundry & Mirrodin Besieged to create token creatures to protect the board and be used as fuel for other cards. For example, Riddlesmith & Trading Post will be used to generate even more value from the tokens that we will be producing. The way we win is to draw into cards like Pia's Revolution & Reckless Fireweaver. With our engine going we can output a decent chunk of damage every turn.


Needed more protection for Ashnod. Replaced Smelting Vat and Vial of Dragonfire with Netherborn Altar and Darksteel Plate


After playtesting I Found that the deck would run out of gas if there if I didn't have a recursion outlet on the board, so I added these three to help.

Removed Replaced
Gonti's Aether Heart Mystic Forge
Darksteel Plate Audacious Reshapers


Removed Replaced
Aetherflux Reservoir Thousand-Year Elixir
Netherborn Altar Visions of Phyrexia





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