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[cEDH] - K'rrik the sleeper agent (EDH / Commander)

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Mana is for weaklings, real men use their life points, because only those who are willing to sacrifice something are able to gain something...

> Introduction

K´rrik is one of the strongest mono black commanders and his ability fits absolutely well in the black color pie. As you can use your life as a resource, he can finish the game very quickly with the right cards or just be grindy because of the reanimation spells. How do you get the right cards? Well, we are playing black, so we are going to tutor what we need because we don't need luck, we just need enough life. This deck will use its commander as an enabler for each infinite combo and trying to finish in early-to-mid game. K'rrik is also a good attacker and blocker. He can be a one-man show if you have to block creatures and will bring back life, which is mana and his ability to get bigger and bigger just by playing black spells makes him fearsome.


This deck is completely based on its commander and can win the game very quickly on turn 2-3, but is also strong in midgame. The key cards are Aetherflux Reservoir, Fleshwrither, Peer into the Abyss and Gray Merchant of Asphodel. We will use the ability of K'rrik to pay with life points instead of mana. We will try to get the four mana in turn one or two, so we can cast K'rrik with six life and four mana. After this, we are going to finish the game with an infinity combo of devotion dmg, Aetherflux reservoir or pestilence. It is important to keep an eye on our life as a resource because if we don't have enough life we can't finish the game, so don't waste your life if it is not necessary.

As already mentioned, K'rrik has life link and gets stronger for each black spell, so attack, if possible, to get life back or just keep him as a blocker if the enemies playing decks with combat dmg.

Use the recursion spells for K'rrik to get a comeback, for Vilis to draw a lot of cards for gary to get back life or for Chainer to finish the game.

> Starting Hand

We should try to hold a hand that generates four mana quickly and at least one part of our combo and a tutor. There are even hands that can win in the first turn, but you should aim at turn two or three to go infinite or try to play till midgame because of the grind potential. Try to play K'rrik in turn one or two, so he can block and let you pay life for the spells. It is easily possible to finish in turn two or three if you have the right cards in hand, if not just try to hold a hand with some draw or ramp and get to the midgame. Prepare yourself to win in one turn with some protection cards if possible. It is no problem if you keep a hand with just one land if you can produce four mana quickly and cast spells with K'rrik.

>Win Cons


Gray Merchant of Asphodel (Gary) Devotion DMG:

For this we need the following creatures:


  1. Sacrifice Gray Merchant of Asphodel with Dimir House Guard
  2. bring Gray Merchant of Asphodel back again with the ability from Chainer, Dementia Master for 9 life
  3. Sacrifice Gray Merchant of Asphodel with Dimir House Guard
  4. bring Gray Merchant of Asphodel back again with the ability from Chainer, Dementia Master for 9 life till you win the game.

It is possible to use Chainers effect as an instant so if you used yawgmoth's will to build up your setup use Chainers ability before enemy draw step to win the game.
If someone tries to remove Chainer, you can pay 9 life again to bring back gray and start a new loop.
If Chainer is exiled - Corpse Dance and Blood Celebrant can do the same for 14 Life instead of 9

> Aetherflux

Using Aetherflux Reservoir with K'rrik, Son of Yawgmoth to win the game.
Play Atherflux and then use a few options (depends on life and cards):


  1. Play Heartless Summoning, Necrotic Ooze and Xiahou Dun, the One-Eyed. Now you can sac and play both cards till you have enough life.
  2. Play Sensei's Divining Top and Bolas's Citadel - Draw with the ability of Sensei's Divining Top and play it again with Bolas's Citadel for 1 life each time. (K'rrik is not even needed if the cards are already in play)
  3. Blood Celebrant with Corpse Dance - Corpse Dance doesn't target, so we can cast it with paying buyback cost without any creature in our graveyard. Do this as many times as possible to get enough life.
  4. Vilis, Broker of Blood + Aetherflux Reservoir + Blood Celebrant / Skirge Familiar - With this setup on board, we are able to use Vilis to draw cards, use Blood Celebrant to pay life for the colorless costs or use Skirge to discard cards to make mana, and net back our life and then some off of Flux for everything we cast. We can simply proceed to drawing cards and casting cards and shoot the board with Flux.
  5. Asmodeus the Archfiend + Aetherflux Reservoir + Blood Celebrant / Skirge Familiar - This setup is similar to the Vilis Engine, just more life intensive since we not only have to pay life to draw cards but we also lose life for each card drawn on top of having to pay life to cast spells. This line is still very much doable however. Alternatively, with Necrotic Ooze on board and Asmodeus in the graveyard, we are able to achieve the same effect for much much less life.
  6. Xiahou Dun, the One-Eyed + Aetherflux Reservoir + Reanimate - Sacrifice Xiahou to recur a card, pay 2 life to cast Reanimate to put Xiahou back on the battlefield and gain life from Flux, adding to the Storm count, then lose 4 life from Reanimate. Sacrifice Xiahou to get Reanimate back to hand then recast Reanimate and repeat steps to gain enough life for Aetherflux.

Also attack with K'rrik to get some life back if needed. If Null rod or Stony Silence are in play, we can also play as many black spells as needed to make K'rrik big enough and kill the player with the stax piece with combat dmg.

> Pestilence Kill

Gain enough life with:

If we have enough life, we have to stack enough activations with Pestilence to kill all the enemies.

Using Skirge Familiar after drawing the deck will also allow to use pestilence without paying 2 life each time, to kill the enemies!

> Oracle

Need UU (Blood Celebrant, Lion's Eye Diamond, Mox Diamond, Lotus Petal or Gemstone Caverns)

  1. Use Praetor's Grasp or opposition agent to grab Thassa's Oracle
  2. Draw your deck with Vilis, Broker of Blood (this depends on what we are going to draw if we don't have Sheoldred, the Apocalypse) or with Asmodeus the Archfiend + Skirge familiar
  3. Play Thassa's Oracle
  4. Win


Praetor’s Grasp + Blood Celebrant + Xiahou Dun, the One-Eyed – You can essentially steal any of your opponent’s 2 or 3 card wincon and win using their wincon instead (Think Thassa’s Oracle + Demonic Consultation / Tainted Pact or Brain Freeze or whatever floats your boat) Note: As long as your life total is high enough, you can attempt this win line as its own standalone combo.

> UnderBreach Line

Requirements: K'rrik, Son of Yawgmoth + Praetor's Grasp 4 mana 1 Red mana (through any colored artifact or Blood Celebrant) 14 life total Being able to Escape pre LED and post LED (6 cards in GY, or 3 Cards in GY pre-LED + 3 cards in hand post-LED)

  1. 1 Mana and 4 life for Praetor's Grasp for Underworld Breach (Storm 1)

  2. 1 mana and R for Underworld Breach (Storm 2)

  3. Escape 3 + 1 mana and 4 life - Praetor's Grasp for Demonic Tutor (Storm 3)

  4. 1 mana 2 life - Demonic Tutor for Lion's Eye Diamond (Storm 4)

  5. Cast Lion's Eye Diamond and crack for UUU (Storm 5)

  6. Escape 3 + for U and 4 life Praetor's Grasp for Brain Freeze (Storm 6)

  7. Cast Brain Freeze for UU (Storm 7)

Now we have 21 cards in grave, 0 mana floating

  1. Escape 3 - Lion's Eye Diamond, crack for UUU (18 left in grave)

  2. Escape 3 - Lion's Eye Diamond, crack for BBB (15 left in grave)

  3. Escape 3 - Lion's Eye Diamond, crack for BBB (12 left in grave)

  4. Escape 3 + - BBB Praetor's Grasp for Thassa's Oracle (9 left in grave, floating BBBUUU)

  5. Escape 3 + - UBB Praetor's Grasp for Demonic Consultation (6 left in grave, floating BUU)

  6. Cast Thassa's Oracle for UU

  7. Cast Demonic Consultation for B

> Ways to get the wincons

> Pita

Play Peer into the abyss to draw half of the deck. This card is actually the best way to get any of our win cons. In combination with Skirge Familiar we don't even need K'rrik for mana.

> Asmodeus Engine

Get Necrotic Ooze onto the battlefield and Asmodeus the Archfiend along with Skirge Familiar into the graveyard. You can pay either with mana or by discarding cards from your hand and get to draw 7 cards since Necrotic Ooze copies Asmodeus the Archfiend activated ability but it doesn’t copy the static ability. This will let us draw 7 cards each time we pay. Now you can repeat this process by discard 3 cards from your fresh new 7 cards and get to draw another 7 cards. Repeat this process until you draw into a wincon. K'rrik and Sheoldred, the Apocalypse on the battlefield can replace Skirge Familiar since we can use 6 life to draw 7 cards and get back 14 life.

> Transfigure Line

Minimum Requirements:

  • K'rrik (on board)
  • Fleshwrither (in hand)
  • 5 Mana
  • 35 Life
  • 2 additional cards in hand
  1. Cast Fleshwrither for 2 and 4 life and transfigure into Necrotic Ooze for 1 and 4 life. (-8 life)
  2. Using Fleshwrither's ability from grave with Necrotic Ooze, transfigure Necrotic Ooze for 1 and 4 life to get Balthor the Defiled. (-12 life)
  3. Pay 6 life for Balthor's ability, exile Balthor for Nooze + Fleshwrither. (-18 life)
  4. Transfigure Fleshwrither for Vile Entomber for 1 and 4 life. ETB, get Razaketh, the Foulblooded in the grave. (-22 life).
  5. Pay 2 life, sacrifice Vile Entomber to find Entomb and cast it for 2 life, entombing Skirge Familiar. (-26 life)
  6. Pay 2 life, sacrifice K'rrik, Son of Yawgmoth to tutor for Asmodeus the Archfiend. (-28 life)
  7. Use Skirge's ability with Ooze to discard Asmodeus and add one black mana.
  8. We now have the Asmodeus-Ooze Combo and only need to discard 2 more cards with Necrotic Ooze to get the needed to start the loop.
  9. Draw your entire deck and play any combo you want.

alternative way

  1. Pay 2 life, Sacrifice Vile Entomber for Reanimate and cast reanimate for 2 life targeting Vile Entomber. ETB for Skirge Familiar. (-30 life)
  2. Pay 2 life Sacrifice Vile Entomber tutor for Asmodeus the Archfiend. (-32 life)
  3. Use Skirge's ability with Ooze to discard Asmodeus
  4. Pay BBB/6 life to draw 7 cards with Necrotic Ooze using Asmodeus the Archfiend's ability.
  5. Discard 3 cards from your hand to produce BBB and draw 7 again.
  6. Repeat step 8-9 until you drew your entire deck
  7. Play the combo you want.

> Sheoldred Line

With Sheoldred, the Apocalypse on the battlefield each draw will generate 2 life which give us some options to draw our deck.

> Buried Line

Using Buried Alive in combination with a reanimate, animate dead, necromancy, necrotic ooze or yawgmoth's will and K'rrik, Son of Yawgmoth as an enabler is one of the easiest ways. Bring Chainer back to the battlefield with an reanimation spell and then use his ability to bring back house guard and Gary and start the loop or just play necrotic ooze and bring back Gary and start the loop as well.

> Final Line

Similar to buried alive, you can use Final Parting and search for two combo pieces if you already have one. Or just go for Vilis, Broker of Blood in graveyard and reanimate / Asmodeus the Archfiend in graveyard and Necrotic Ooze.

> Sidisi Line

The Sidisi line requires K'rrik in play leads to assembling the Chainer-Gray Loop (assuming K'rrik is in play):

  1. Cast Sidisi, Undead Vizier and use her exploit trigger on herself to tutor for Chainer, Dementia Master.
  2. Cast Chainer, Dementia Master and use his ability to reanimate Sidisi.
  3. Sidisi will enter and exploit herself again to either tutor for Gray Merchant of Asphodel (assuming you are able to hardcast him) OR tutor for Entomb and put Gray Merchant into the grave.
    Bonus: If you don't have entomb left search for Thoughtseize first and then for Gray Merchant of Asphodel and discard Gary with Thoughtseize.
  4. If you entombed or discarded Gary, use Chainer to bring him back and gain life back; Otherwise, cast Gary to gain life.
  5. Use Chainer to bring back Sidisi, Undead Vizier and exploit Sidis and search for dimir house guard
  6. cast dimir house guard or transumte him and bring him back with Chainer
  7. sacrifice Gray Merchant of Asphodel with Dimir House Guard
  8. You have now assembled the Chainer-Gray Loop and can proceed to win.
    Note: Depending on your life resources and mana available once you've reached the point where you have Chainer in play and Sidisi in yard, there are many options at your disposal as far as tutoring goes, just be aware of what would be the most efficient use of your life, mana and tutors.

> Entomber Line

Depends on life the Vile Entomber / Entomb line can also be an easy way to get the combo (assuming K'rrik is in play).
We need Chainer, Dementia Master and Vile entomber / Entomb at least 2-6 mana and enough life (22-28) :

  1. Play Chainer, Dementia Master and Vile Entomber / Entomb
  2. Search for Sidisi, Undead Vizier
  3. Use the ability of Chainer to bring back Sidisi and exploit Sidisi, Undead Vizier to either tutor for Gray Merchant of Asphodel (assuming you are able to hardcast him) OR tutor for Entomb and put Gray Merchant into the grave.
    Bonus: If you don't have entomb left search for Thoughtseize first and then for Gray Merchant of Asphodel and discard Gary with Thoughtseize.
  4. If you entombed or discarded Gary, use Chainer to bring him back and gain life back; Otherwise, cast Gray Merchant to gain life.
  5. Use Chainer to bring back Sidisi, Undead Vizier and exploit Sidisi and search for Dimir House Guard
  6. Cast Dimir House Guard or transmute him and bring him back with Chainer
  7. Sacrifice Gray Merchant of Asphodel with Dimir House Guard
  8. You have now assembled the Chainer-Gray Loop and can proceed to win.
    Note: Depending on your life resources and mana available once you've reached the point where you have Chainer in play and Sidisi in yard, there are many options at your disposal as far as tutoring goes, just be aware of what would be the most efficient use of your life, mana and tutors.

> Necro Line

Necropotence + Emergence Zone / Chainer, Dementia Master / Shallow Grave / Necromancy / Corpse Dance Because Necropotence is a triggered effect that happens at end step, if we have an instant speed reanimation spell in hand, we are able to cast it in response to Necropotence’s exile trigger to attempt to do some end step shenanigans (such as reanimating a Vilis in an attempt to keep drawing and looking for more instant speed spells we can cast with the ultimate goal of assembling the Chainer line using our instant speed reanimation spells). This also allows us to get around Silence type effects which cease at end of turn (after discarding down to hand size). If we add in Emergence Zone to the mix, it enables us to potentially attempt to assemble a win because we are able to cast spells during our end step before our opponent’s get an untap.

> Single Card Discussion

> Inclusions

> Exclusions

  • Ad Nauseam: Paying life to draw cards can be good, but this card is more a gambling in K'rrik. Paying too much life will inhibit the play, and the {3} generic mana are too expensive for such a gambling. The Instant speed doesn't make it better because winning with instant speed is very difficult in this deck.
  • Conqueror's Flail & Defense grid & Infernal Darkness & Contamination: just to protect your turn to start your infinite combo but I decided to play more interaction instead.
  • Dark Confidant / Phyrexian Arena: too slow.
  • Doomsday: is not a wincon, it is just a way to get the win con but it needs too much card slots to be useful at all and it was only good in early game. It is better to use the "doomsday only" slots for more tutors, interaction and non tapped lands.
  • Diabolic Intent: with only 19 creatures (one of them is K'rrik himself) I don't think that this tutor will be consistent in this deck.
  • Dimir Machinations: flexible tutor for dismember, necromancy, corpse dance, opposition agent, toxic deluge, buried alive, praetors grasp, yawgmoth's will or necropotence. If another tutor is needed this one will be a good option but till now this deck is running the best possible tutors.
  • Feed the swarm: Best way to remove a enchantment but unfortunately it is on sorcery speed and most of times not fast enough to safe us from cards like necropotence or underworld breach.
  • Helm of awakening: cost reducer for everybody can be really rough if we can't finish the game in the same turn.
  • Leshrac's Sigil: Besides comboing off with Aetherflux Reservoir, its a dead card in all situations, which already have high sinergy with a lot of cards in this deck.
  • Overeager Apprentice: too slow to ramp.
  • Professor Onyx & Chain of Smog: A Win con where K'rrik is not even needed. Needs too much mana and there is not enough synergy for this cards.
  • Slaughter pact: The nonblack requirement and the two mana in the upkeep makes this removal only good to interrupt someone to win the game with a nonblack creature combo piece. Deadly Rollick is better.
  • Scheming Symmetry: Without a cantrip, a draw spell or an opposition agent you will let an enemy find an answer for you or even worse he will go infinite with this free tutor.
  • Withering Boon: Can only counter a creature, to counter the Thassa combo use Baleful Mastery instead.
  • Extort: It does not work as well as many people thought. For example, you will drain 3 opponents, you have to pay 2 life to get 3 life back, but you also need to pay mana for a spell which will trigger extort. So, in best case you have to pay 2 life for the spell and 2 life for the extort cost and will get back 3 life which means 2 instances of extort will bring back the life lost in this case. But what if the spell costs more than just one {b}? And every mana besides of black mana can't be replaced with life, which means you need to use blood celebrant to change out mana for life. This means that you need a lot of pieces to even get this loop started.
    Another problem is, that you usually need 3 opponents to stay alive while using the loop, so if one of them die because he had the lowest life, you can’t continue with the loop. In this case, you need to try to win another way if you haven’t gotten your other opponents low enough to kill them before you kill yourself by continue the loop in a life-negative situation.

> Strengths and Weaknesses

> Strengths

  • This deck is extremely fast and can tutor all important combo pieces without mana just with life.
  • It is just mono black, so in a cEDH group it shouldn't get the most attention, use this and finish the game out of the nowhere.
  • High comeback potential (midgame) if you don't play too aggressive.
  • Grind because of all the reanimator spells.
  • Unpredictable because of the phyrexian mana, we can interact while outtapped.
  • Lot of tutors, for each situation, just tutor the right card.
  • Finally, our versatility in our wincons allows us to easily pivot towards a win line that can win through most board states.

> Weaknesses

  • K'rrik as an important component and at the same time bottleneck of this deck.
  • Late game, lack of lands and engines (and the life loss will bring us into a dangerous position).
  • Countermagic can be a problem.
  • Lack of artifact removal for cards like such as Torpor Orb or Cursed Totem, I know we could play gate to phyrexia or phyrexian tribute, but we don't run enough creatures.

> Budget alternatives

If you don't have the budget to buy all these cards, there are few budget cards which you can play instead

> Changelog & Other Sites

See revision:

Also Check my Decks on Moxfield :




This deck appears to be legal in EDH / Commander.

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