Brago, Eternal Stasis (EDH / Commander)

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    Brago EDH deck stax focused

    • Power level ~8/10 (Optimized)

    • Mana curve 2.3

    • Playstyle: (Blue/White) Stax

    *This list represents the Deck i actually own in real life.

    Here are some straight upgrades, just in case unlike me you own the following cards:

    The main strategy of this deck is to ramp through mana rocks for the first couple of turns,
    then depending on the boardstate you want to, either cast Brago by turn 2/3 to break parity as soon as possible,
    or cast your first stax pieces and break parity later.

    The ideal starting hand you want to draw in my experience is:

    • 2 Lands
    • 2 Mana rocks
    • 2 Stax pieces
    • 1 Tutor

    Obviously depending on which decks you're up against, you want to tutor different stax pieces as soon as possible in order to properly lock down the board.

    Certain Stax pieces really synergize well with each other and can cripple the opponents' board,

    These are some examples:

    Tangle wire + Winter orb/Static orb

    Rising waters + Trinisphere

    Rishadan cutpurse and Brago + Strionic resonator

    Examples of super-effective stax pieces against certain deck strategies:

    Storm decks:

    Graveyard centric decks:
    (Tasigur/Meren/Muldrotha/Windgrace etc....)

    Artifacts ramp decks:

    Fast Land ramp decks: (example Selvala, Yisan, Ezuri etc)

    Aggro decks: (example: Krenko, Edgar, Kaalia, Xenagos etc)

    The best overall stax piece in Brago is by far "Stasis" IMO, having it in your starting hand will indeed increase your chance of success.

    Other notable curiosities about Brago are:

    -You can blink planeswalkers, meaning they get reset and when they come back you can use 1 of their abilities another time, but take in consideration that their loyalty will be reset too.

    -When you blink an aura with Brago (example: Reality Acid) and it comes back on the field, it does not target anymore, meaning you can attach it "shrouded" or "hexproof" creatures. Sounds fun right?!? well not for the opponent.....

    -Brago can blink himself unless shrouded

    -Infamous combo with Strionic resonator and 2 mana or more from mana rocks, causing infinite blinks often concluding the match unless addressed.

    Some helpful tips:

    Don't cast Brago if there is too much "mana open" on the board, instead wait for a better moment to cast him. (Especially in Multiplayer matches)

    Until Brago is out , Stax pieces are a double edged sword, remember that.

    This not a "Group hug" deck , you may get focused/hated on a lot, afterall to win you need to not make them play and/or grind them down.

    With Brago stax, deck's performance tend to vary a lot depending on your starting hand so don't be afraid to mulligan if necessary.



    Sideboard price: 120.34 € | $ 173.01

    This deck appears to be legal in EDH / Commander.

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