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Alpha TyrranaxArmix, Filigree ThrasherAsceticismBelbe, Corrupted ObserverBellowing TanglewurmBleak Coven VampiresBlunt the AssaultCarapace ForgerCarrion CallCaustic HoundCopper MyrCopperhorn ScoutCreeping CorrosionEngulfing SlagwurmExsanguinateFangren MarauderFlesh AllergyGenesis WaveGeth, Lord of the VaultGlissa's CourierGlissa's ScornGlissa, the TraitorGo for the ThroatGrasp of DarknessGreen Sun's ZenithHorizon SpellbombHorrifying RevelationLead the StampedeLiege of the TangleLifesmithMelira's KeepersMirran MettleMolder BeastMorbid PlunderMoriok ReaverMoriok ReplicaNihil SpellbombPistus StrikePlaguemaw BeastQuilled SlagwurmReyhan, Last of the AbzanSangromancerSlice in TwainSpread the SicknessSylvok ReplicaTangle HulkTel-Jilad DefianceTel-Jilad FallenUnnatural PredationVirulent Wound