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Azusa, Lost but SeekingBeast WhispererBeast WithinBow of NyleaCinder GladeCommand TowerCultivateEternal WitnessForestForestForestGarruk's UprisingGilanra, Caller of WirewoodGlorybringerGoreclaw, Terror of Qal SismaGruul TurfKessig Wolf RunKodama's ReachLlanowar ElvesLukka, Coppercoat OutcastMountainMountainMountainNeheb, Dreadhorde ChampionNeheb, the EternalNeyith of the Dire HuntNissa, Who Shakes the WorldNylea, God of the HuntNylea, Keen-EyedOracle of Mul DayaPyretic RitualRampant GrowthReclamation SageRhythm of the WildRootbound CragSakura-Tribe ElderSavage VentmawSheltered ThicketSol RingSpire GardenSplinter TwinStomping GroundTemple of AbandonTerror of the PeaksVivien's ArkbowVivien, Monsters' AdvocateWilderness Reclamation

Dargo, the ShipwreckerKamahl, Heart of Krosa