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AbradeAncient TombAnimate DeadArid MesaAshnod's AltarBadlandsBlood CryptBloodstained MireBody DoubleBrainstormBriberyBuried AliveChrome MoxCity of BrassCommand BeaconCommand TowerConjurer's ClosetConsecrated SphinxCounterspellCyclonic RiftDack FaydenDemonic TutorDig Through TimeDimir SignetDrowned CatacombEmbalmer's ToolsEntombFact or FictionFaithless LootingFellwar StoneFlooded StrandForce of WillGilded LotusGonti, Lord of LuxuryGrim MonolithImperial SealIngot ChewerIntuitionIslandIslandIslandIslandIzzet SignetMana ConfluenceMana CryptMana DrainMana VaultMarsh FlatsMassacre WurmMirage MirrorMisty RainforestMox DiamondMox OpalMulldrifterMyr BattlesphereMyr RetrieverMystic RemoraNecromancyNight's WhisperPanharmoniconPhantasmal ImagePhyrexian AltarPhyrexian ArenaPolluted DeltaPonderReanimateReflecting PoolReliquary TowerRhystic StudyRite of ReplicationRune-Scarred DemonScalding TarnSensei's Divining TopShriekmawSnapcaster MageSnow-Covered MountainSnow-Covered SwampSnow-Covered SwampSol RingSolemn SimulacrumSteam VentsSundial of the InfiniteSunken RuinsSwan SongTalisman of DominanceTerminateThought VesselToxic DelugeTreasure CruiseUnderground RiverUnderground SeaUrborg, Tomb of YawgmothVampiric TutorVerdant CatacombsVolcanic IslandWatery GraveWheel of FortuneWindfallWooded Foothills

Sedris, the Traitor King