Modern Coin Flip Burn (Modern)

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    This was designed to be a coin-flip/burn based deck. Ideally, you use bolt and some of the counters early on to take care of the early game while you try and drop Krark’s Thumb ASAP. If you don’t have it, Muddle The Mixture serves as a way to search for it via transmute. After that, test your luck to try and get extra turns with Stitch In Time (and maybe Ral, if you get there) and to burn your opponent out with Fiery Gambit, Mana Clash, leftover Bolts (or the ones in your graveyard with Mission Briefing, my favorite budget Snapcaster Mage replacement), and maybe even a Molten Sentry or two.

    The sideboard is also almost entirely coin flip based hate. I just did that in the spirit of the deck, but there are far better options like Blood Moon, Vapor Snag, etc.

    The only thing that isn’t very budget friendly is the dual lands and even Ral. There are cheaper red and blue duels out there you could use, but I’d avoid the pain lands if possible. This deck won’t go off as fast as something like storm (nor are you even guaranteed anything even if something resolves) so I would try to stick to something else like fast or filter lands. Ral isn’t really a main requirement for the deck either, he’s just fun for the ultimate potential.



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