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Zombietown (EDH / Commander)

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    This a really fun zombie tribal deck that makes for some great battlecruiser magic! Lots of options for getting big creatures out, and there are also plenty of ways to clear enemy creatures off of the field. If you get shut out on the battlefield, you still have fallback option for winning the game. Ensuring that you have a fast start is critical though; mulligan smartly to ensure that you have access to all colors off of the bat, and minimize missed land drops.

    1. Buffing [[Thraximundar]] and swinging for commander damage is a reliable, if boring, win. [[Diregraf Captain]], [[Lord of the Accursed]], [[Zombie Master]], [[Rogue's Passage]], [[Graf Harvest]], and [[Nim Death Mantle]] can provide evasion abilities to help get around blockers.
    2. [[Gravecrawler + Phyrexian Altar]] can be combined infinitely to pump up [[Thraximundar]] and/or to trigger other effects such as [[Dictate of Erebos]], [[Grave Pact]], [[Open the Graves]], [[Deathbringer Thoctar]], [[Diregraf Colossus]], [[Judith, The Scourge Diva]], [[Plague Belcher]], [[Vengeful Dead]], or [[Vindictive Vampire]]. Direct damage from death/sacrifice triggers is a strong wincon for this deck. There are multiple token generators that can be used with other sac outlets in a pinch as well.
    3. [[It That Betrays]] can be a huge bomb once you start triggering opponent sacrifices.
    4. Tutor out [[Rooftop Storm]], and then flood the board with zombies. Probably the most fun you will have with this deck. Utilize [[Cryptbreaker]], [[The Scarab God]], and [[Bankrupt in Blood]] can help you draw into more cards to get the most mileage out of [[Rooftop Storm]]. There are multiple zombie lords in the 99 that will boost your zombie army.


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