Thunderkin Awakener's Shenanigans (Budget) (Casual)

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    This deck is not just an ordinary Thunderkin Awakener / Ball Lightning / Lightning Skelemental deck. Of course all those cards are set inhere too, but I tried to build a casual deck with other synergies for Thunderkin Awakener. So please, don't campare it with the actual modern decks to much. ;-)

    As I already mentioned we want to use Thunderkin Awakener's recursion ability as much as possible to win the game.

    For that we have some nice targets which he can revive to do some tricks:

    Lightning Skelemental / Ball Lightning
    - they get revived and hit hard
    - can be saced to Thud for extra damage

    Spark Trooper
    - essentially the same as above, but with lifelink
    - just wanted to give him some love ;-)

    Smelt-Ward Ignus
    - can be saced to gain control of target creature
    - can take control of possible blockers (also when he gets revived with Awakener)

    Sunflare Shaman
    - can shoot the last needed damage or removes a creature

    Flamekin Harbinger can search for any creature in this deck. Our little first-turn-tutor.

    I already mentioned Thud. We can sac opponent's creatures if we control them or sac our own ceatures which will die anyway because of their abilities.

    Tormenting Voice helps us to fill the graveyard with targets for Thunderkin Awakener and draws cards.
    Since we are a mostly red aggressive deck we need some burn like Shock and Skewer the Critics.

    The manabase is kept budget, but of course can be upgraded.

    I hope you like this deck as a little budget alternative for the pricy modern-decks. =)
    Please feel free to suggest other/better cards to use or comment what to make better in general.


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