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Magus Carlsen (EDH / Commander)

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Primarily Green creatures build, Red/Blue for splash. Early creature ramp to color fix and get Magus out on turn 3/4. A few Untap effects to get extra copies from Magus or more big Ramp. Then counter buffing on evasion guys or burn to finish

Vs. Rosheen, adding +1 counters to trigger Modify and counter effects is less important because of Commander. Deck goes more medium and wide than singular go-tall.

Artwise going Extended Foil as much as possible. Japanese basics. 40K mana staples.

Creature emphasis over X spells and creatures which can't take advantage of 2nd copy like Monstrous or Legends. Ravenous has been a stupendous mechanic to copy and smooth mid-game draws after Magus is on board.




This deck appears to be legal in EDH / Commander.

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Revision 148 December 1, 2022 kiddkabuki
Revision 147 November 30, 2022 kiddkabuki
Revision 144 November 27, 2022 kiddkabuki
Reunited with Rosheen. Tutor targets removed for more synergy.
Revision 141 November 26, 2022 kiddkabuki
Revision 136 November 17, 2022 kiddkabuki
Revision 134 October 25, 2022 kiddkabuki
Revision 133 October 20, 2022 kiddkabuki
Revision 128 October 19, 2022 kiddkabuki
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Revision 125 October 17, 2022 kiddkabuki
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Power Down, remove tutors
Revision 117 October 11, 2022 kiddkabuki
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Revision 58 September 16, 2022 kiddkabuki
Revision 50 September 15, 2022 kiddkabuki
Revision 32 September 14, 2022 kiddkabuki
Revision 7 September 13, 2022 kiddkabuki
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