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Kiku, The Camellia Killer (EDH / Commander)

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Kiku is the fourth of my series of mono-colored budget Commander decks based on the legendary human women of Kamigawa.

Murrrrrrrder is the name of the game Kiku is playing. She's a little unassuming in that she's a bad commander at face value but I'm committed to this cycle and I was excited to play up the assassin theme. This one started out too complicated with equal parts first strike deathtouch for defense and first strike infect for offense. Ended up taking nearly the entire infect package out save two key pieces that that could 2-shot players from one of my big flyers or even 1-shot them during rare occasions where it's buffed up. I purposefully took out what was a small evasion package both for the health of my playgroup and to emphasis the theme of the deck, which is that the way ought to have already been cleared by the assassins and their removal.

There's a decent amount of bringing back dead creatures (with an emphasis on it happening actively by me in most cases) but I won't really know how that part plays out until I get some real games in. During some initial goldfishing I noticed I might have too much available mana and not enough outlets. Only a couple creatures to level up and the super rare Exsanguinate made me add in Diviner's Wand just for the limitless card draw but even that might not be enough. Who knows, maybe my Avatar of Woe + Thornbite Staff combo will go off and provide some real excitement for Lim-Dûl the Necromancer.

Strike first, strike critically, and strike dead.

Any feedback or comments are welcome. Thanks for looking.

Bewitching fragrance
A lone camellia falls
Slain by self's shadow
~Turhaya, Minamo scribe and poet


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