Mono Blue Favorable Winds (Hyper-Budget Arena) (Standard)

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    A really cheap and pretty fun entry point to the Best of One Format on Magic Arena, consisting entirely of Commons and Uncommons (to make sure that basically anyone could build it from wildcards). Plan is pretty straightforward- slam some little fliers early, pump them with Favorable Winds and Curious Obsession and swing away. Negate is there to protect us against boardwipes, while Deep Freeze gives us a surprisingly effective answer to the three cards we find hardest to beat- Niv Mizzet, Doom Whisperer and Crackling Drake. Clear the Mind is another really strong answer to Golgari and Drake strategies, if we end up coming across them; and worst-case scenario, it'll always cantrip.

    It's also worth noting that the deck can be upgraded in a multitude of ways- you can stick to mono blue and invest in Tempest Djinn and Jace; move into UW (my personal favourite option) for Sphinx of New Prahv and Dovin Baans, and swapping out your removal for the two split cards; UB, for Thief of Sanity and Nightveil Predator; or even Esper, to get advantage of all of the above as well as Archangel of Tithes.

    This list is definitely far from optimized, but it's easy to throw together with cards you probably already have (or will very quickly have) playsets of on Arena, and the flexibility of the list makes it a really cool jumping off point for any player. As always, any and all suggestions are much appreciated!



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