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Slimefoot, the Aristocrat (EDH / Commander)

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    Saprolings are my all-time favorite thing in MTG. I also really like the aristocrat mechanics and synergies, so when I got back into MTG after a fairly long break (circa a decade) and saw Slimefoot, I knew I found my dream card. This deck has been in the making since I first started getting into Commander sometime in 2019. It was my first Commander deck and is easily my favorite. The core of it was pretty easy and cheap to put together and it's been getting the more expensive, targeted upgrades over time (things like Phyrexian Tower or Diabolic Intent).

    The basic idea of the deck is simple:

    Step 1: Make saprolings
    Step 2: Sacrifice
    Step 3: Profit

    It's got more or less your standard aristocrat Blood Artist-style stuff and easy sacrifice outlets, plus a few ways to make saprolings pretty consistently. The deck tends to draw cards pretty readily unless things stall out or if opponents are running all the removal. And, at least in my LGS, this deck tends to get overlooked for the early and mid game since it's just trying to build a board at a reasonable pace and I'm not an aggressive player. In the late game, what often happens is people suddenly realize that having even just Slimefoot + one Blood Artist-style card + a ready sacrifice outlet + a medium pile of saprolings is a recipe for a game over. As long as you avoid splashy plays early on, I find folks tend to focus on other matters and forget how strong some of the cards in this deck are until it comes back to bite them.

    My personal favorite moment with this deck is someone playing a Wrath of God and only then realizing they just killed themselves and someone else with Blood Artist-style triggers.

    In terms of power, this deck is somewhere around a 7 on the 1-10 scale of competitiveness (if 10 is cEDH and 0 is an uber-theme or loose jank) while my other decks are generally 5-6s. It has strong synergy between cards and generally performs well, but is not as tuned as it would need to be to be super consistent and/or fast.


    This deck appears to be legal in EDH / Commander.

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