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Armored Transport Armored Wolf-Rider Armory of Iroas Azorius Guildgate Blossoming Sands Boros Charm Boros Guildgate Bronze Sable Carnage Gladiator Chariot of Victory Chief of the Edge Chronomaton Coastline Chimera Dauntless River Marshal Deathcult Rogue Deflecting Palm Deputy of Acquittals Deserter's Quarters Dimir Guildgate Drown in Filth Duskmantle Guildmage Dutiful Thrull Evolving Wilds Fathom Mage Flamecast Wheel Gift of Orzhova Glaring Spotlight Gold-Forged Sentinel Gruul Guildgate Haunter of Nightveil Highspire Mantis Hot Soup Izzet Guildgate Jelenn Sphinx Jeskai Banner Juggernaut Kiora's Follower Kragma Warcaller Lens of Clarity Loathsome Catoblepas Mardu Banner Maw of the Obzedat Meteorite Morgue Burst Nivix Cyclops Notion Thief Obelisk of Urd One Thousand Lashes Opaline Unicorn Orzhov Guildgate Pit Fight Priest of Iroas Primal Visitation Prophet of Kruphix Prophetic Prism Radiant Fountain Razortip Whip Render Silent Rod of Ruin Rot Farm Skeleton Rubblehulk Ruination Wurm Sandsteppe Citadel Selesnya Cluestone Setessan Griffin Simic Charm Simic Guildgate Sire of Insanity Skyblinder Staff Snapsail Glider Spike Jester Spike Jester Springleaf Drum Stormcaller of Keranos Stormchaser Chimera Strata Scythe Tomb of the Spirit Dragon Towering Thunderfist Traveler's Amulet Trostani's Summoner Tyrant's Machine Unknown Shores Warped Physique Zameck Guildmage Zhur-Taa Druid