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Accursed CentaurAphetto VultureAspect of LampreyBlessing of BelzenlokBlitz LeechCavern WhispererCorpse ChurnDiscordant PiperDross CrocodileDross CrocodileDurable CoilbugDuskfang MentorEbon DrakeEnemy of EnlightenmentEssence DrainFathom Fleet CutthroatFleshgrafterFortuitous FindGloom PangolinGloom PangolinGrim PhysicianGrimdancerGrimdancerHired BladeHunted NightmareLampad of Death's VigilLampad of Death's VigilLeaden MyrLeaden MyrLeaden MyrLeaden MyrLose HopeLose HopeMurderous SpoilsMutual DestructionMutual DestructionNightsquad CommandoNim ReplicaPewter GolemPythonRotting RegisaurShattered DreamsSoul SalvageSoulreaper of MogisTar Pit WarriorTemple ThiefUnbreakable BondUnlikely AidVenomous HierophantVenomous HierophantVicious Betrayal