Tuvasa Copy: Pillow fort (EDH / Commander)

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    So the general idea is:
    Play a few enchantresses to generate card draw
    Get mana ramping enchantments and pillows out while refilling your hand
    Start spamming enchantments to buff up your threats, build the pillow fort, and exile your opponents' threats
    Make the beaters extremely difficult to stop with evasion and buff enchantments
    Some possible win combos:
    Tuvasa the Sunlit + Nylea's Colossus + Whitewater Naiads, then play 2 enchantments & swing with one-hit commander damage
    Yavimaya Enchantress + Thassa, God of the Sea + Ethereal Armor + Finest Hour
    Sigil of the Empty Throne chained into some low mana enchantments = small army of very scary fliers
    Archetype of Imagination + Ajani's Chosen's cat army
    Enchanted Evening + Ajani's Chosen or Archon of Sun's Grace + Aura of Silence = 10 million strong cat army
    You can also try force the game into a draw with just Enchanted Evening & Ajani's Chosen if things aren't going your way. It will combo off itself infinitely unless someone has instant speed creature or enchantment removal. Note: Make sure you don't have Eidolon of Blossoms or Setessan Champion on the field when you start this combo! You'll deck yourself and lose instead of ending the game!

    TL;DR: Protect yourself with pillow enchantments then swing with an army or one massive guy.

    I stayed away from the Solemnity suite of lockdowns because they all rely entirely on Solemnity resolving & surviving long enough for the combo to work, and if it does, that's a good way to make a more casual playgroup mad at you.

    Its not really a budget deck anymore, but I don't like paying more than 25$ per card, so medium budget?



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