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Monkey Tribal (EDH / Commander)

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    This deck does not appear to be legal in EDH / Commander.

    Problems: A commander deck should contain exactly 100 cards, including the commander. · You cannot play more than 1 of: Appetite for the Unnatural, Barbary Apes, Declare Dominance, Ferocious Tigorilla, Fires of Yavimaya, Gorilla Tactics, Gruul Cluestone, Heroic Intervention, Hidden Gibbons, Lifecrafter's Bestiary, Mob Rule, Monkey Cage, Primitive Justice, Ancient Silverback, Apes of Rath, Gargantuan Gorilla, Gorilla Berserkers, Gorilla Chieftain, Gorilla Pack, Gorilla Shaman, Gorilla Titan, Gorilla Warrior, Grunn, the Lonely King, Hooting Mandrills, Kird Ape, Kird Chieftain, Kogla, the Titan Ape, Prickly Marmoset, Raging Gorilla, Ravenous Baboons, Scrounging Bandar, Silverback Ape, Silverback Shaman, Simian Brawler, Simian Grunts, Simian Spirit Guide, Summit Apes, Tree Monkey, Uktabi Orangutan, Wily Bandar, Zodiac Monkey, Atarka's Command, Beast Within, Lightning Bolt, Shape the Sands, Cultivate, Migration Path, Arcane Signet, Bow of Nylea, Door of Destinies, Sol Ring, Berserkers' Onslaught, Blanchwood Armor, Colossification, Rhythm of the Wild, Vivien, Champion of the Wilds, Blast Zone. · Not legal in this format: Gorilla Tactics.

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