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Altar of the PantheonCalix, Destiny's HandChainweb AracnirEidolon of ObstructionForestForestForestForestForestForestForestForestForestHero of the WindsIlysian CaryatidIndomitable WillKlothys's DesignNexus WardensNylea's ForerunnerNylea's InterventionNyxborn ColossusOmen of the HuntOmen of the HuntOmen of the HuntOmen of the SunPlainsPlainsPlainsPlainsPlainsPlainsPlainsPlainsRelentless PursuitReturn to NatureRevoke ExistenceRevoke ExistenceSetessan PetitionerSetessan PetitionerShadowspear

Arena TricksterAshiok's ErasureAspect of LampreyAspect of ManticoreBlight-Breath CatoblepasBronze SwordDevourer of MemoryDiscordant PiperDreamshaper ShamanElite InstructorElite InstructorForestFruit of TizerusFruit of TizerusFruit of TizerusFuneral RitesGlimpse of FreedomGlimpse of FreedomGray Merchant of AsphodelHero of the PrideHeroes of the RevelIchthyomorphosisIncendiary OracleInspire AweIrreverent RevelersIslandLampad of Death's VigilMogis's FavorMountainMountainNaiad of Hidden CovesNyxborn BruteNyxborn MarauderNyxborn MarauderNyxborn MarauderOmen of the SeaOmen of the SeaPortent of BetrayalPortent of BetrayalRage-Scarred BerserkerRiptide TurtleRise to GloryScavenging HarpySetessan SkirmisherSkophos Maze-WardenSleep of the DeadSoulreaper of MogisStarlit MantleSwampSwampSweet OblivionTectonic GiantThe Triumph of AnaxThirst for MeaningThrenody SingerThrenody SingerThrill of PossibilityTowering-Wave MysticTowering-Wave MysticTranscendent EnvoyTymaret, Chosen from DeathUnderworld Rage-HoundUnknown ShoresUnknown ShoresVexing GullVexing GullWarden of the Chained