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Akroma's WillAngel of SanctionsArcane SignetAurelia, the WarleaderAustere CommandBala Ged Recovery // Bala Ged SanctuaryBala Ged Recovery // Bala Ged SanctuaryBeast WithinBoros CharmBoros GarrisonBreath of FuryCathars' CrusadeChampion of LambholtCinder GladeColossal MajestyCommand TowerDockside ExtortionistDruid's DeliveranceElemental BondExotic OrchardFabled PassageFarhaven ElfFarseekFeldon of the Third PathFires of YavimayaFlamerush RiderForestForestForestForestGame TrailGarruk WildspeakerGarruk's UprisingGarruk, Primal HunterGenerous GiftGhired's BelligerenceGhired, Conclave ExileGrove of the GuardianGrowing RanksGruul TurfHammer of PurphorosHerald of the HostHeroic InterventionHour of ReckoningIdol of OblivionIntangible VirtueJungle ShrineKabira Takedown // Kabira PlateauKabira Takedown // Kabira PlateauKodama of the East TreeLightning GreavesLuminarch AscensionMarisi, Breaker of the CoilMimic VatMomentous FallMountainNaya PanoramaOgre BattledriverOhran FrostfangOran-Rief, the VastwoodOverwhelming StampedePath of AncestryPlainsPlainsPlainsPlainsPlainsPlainsPlainsQuartzwood CrasherRampant GrowthReconnaissanceRite of the Raging StormRootborn DefensesRootbound CragSakura-Tribe ElderSarkhan the MasterlessSecond HarvestSejiri Shelter // Sejiri GlacierSejiri Shelter // Sejiri GlacierSelesnya SanctuaryShamanic RevelationSheltered ThicketSmothering TitheSol RingSong of the WorldsoulStomping GroundSwiftfoot BootsTemple of AbandonTemple of PlentyTemple of TriumphTerror of the PeaksThriving GroveTrostani, Selesnya's VoiceTrue ConvictionTwinflameVandalblastVivien, Monsters' AdvocateWarchief GiantWarstorm SurgeWayfaring TempleWood ElvesYavimaya Dryad