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+1/+1 me bro - [Ezuri, Claw of Progress +1/+1 Counters/Tokens] (EDH / Commander)

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    Pretty standard growth-based Simic 1/1 Counters.

    Sub-focus on creating tokens. Best, game-changing engine I've found so far is btwn Ezuri and Iridescent Hornbeetle. You put 1/1 counters on creatures equal to at least the Experience Counters you have from Ezuri, then at end of turn you make that many insect tokens, all of which trigger Experience counters for Ezuri. Number of beetle you make per turn grows exponentially if you can keep either creature on board, which makes Ezuri's experience counter # on you grow exponentially too. Get Renata, Called to the Hunt out to turn those bugs into 2/2 with a counter, and that plus Jiang Yanggu, Wildcrafter or Rishkar, Peema Renegade gives you near exponential green mana. Master Biomancer makes those guys absurdly big too if you give him a round's worth of Ezuri's Experience (But will thus automatically end the Insects -> Exp counters -> Insects loop because they enter as at least 3/3s)

    The general gamewinning strat I go for is producing a wide as heck board of growing creatures and tokens using no shortage of natural synergies between any counter-giving and counter-caring cards (and the above-described synergy). Then, I just pray to draw defense and removal cards to keep it there. Between OL'd Cyclonic Rift, which clears a path to victory for me, and defenses like Heroic Intervention and Inspiring Call, the goal is to be the only one on the board with absurdly massive mutants. Or, if I can't weather a board wipe, there's always those few coutnerspells up my sleeve to fall back on. I'll admit, if you're safer and smarter than me, you might put more defense/removal in here haha.

    The easy game winning strat is between Ezuri and Sage of Hours, no surprise. Ezuri makes it stupidly easy to infinite-combo endless turns for yourself. Even if youre having a mids-ass game, it's not hard to get Ezuri up to 5 experience counters. Pop Sage out, if he sticks alongside Ezuri, give Sage 5 1/1 counters at combat from experience, remove them for an extra turn, and rinse repeat. And if you're having a good game, you may be able to finish it by giving Sage, like, 15 counters to remove, granting you three immediate extra turns, which lets you use some of those extra turns to actually give out those ezuri counters elsewhere before you just give em back to Sage to continue the extra turn hell. Like holy damn, why does Sage of Hours not have "Sacrifice this card" as a cost to that ability. Its dumb haha

    Overall, even on a mids game, this is a fun deck if you like really planning out your steps. A wrong move could totally mess up your potential growth, but idk, it's kinda fun. You're like an actual scientist, doin the math, mutating shit big.

    Update 4/24:

    This deck is effectively an Adrix and Nev Strixhaven Precon upgrade deck. I think Ezuri pilots the token theme way better/interestingly. I got the precon to add some of those juicy cards here and grab some blue/green/edh staples at the same time, and seriously it came with so many cards i had already gotten for the simic token theme. it'd prob be easier to get the precon, then add the other cards listed here lol



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