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Paper Tiger? Pauper Snake. (PDH) (EDH / Commander)

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    Pauper EDH is an alternative format that uses any uncommon creature as the commander, and the 99 are commons.

    This mono-green deck is helmed by Nemesis of Mortals, an interesting big snake that costs less for each creature in your graveyard to cast and to activate it's ability monstrosity which puts five +1+1 counters on it. Commander tax is also reduced. A 10/10 for 4 mana? Count me in.

    But to have a graveyard full of creatures, we need creatures in the first place. The deck runs a ton and has a bit of an elf sub-theme, that's difficult not to have in mono-green PDH. Instead of traditional land-ramp we use cheap mana dorks that we kinda don't mind losing.

    We also fill our graveyard by using card advantage cards that mill the card we don't pick: Commune with the Gods, Benefaction of Rhonas, Winding Way and more. The latter is particularly interesting because if we name lands, it's a win-win. We either draw up to 4 lands or put 4 creatures in the graveyard, pretty neat.

    So let's talk about our non-creatures. Viridian Longbow is a fine card to deal with 1-1's, but it shines when equipped to a deathtouch creature, of which we have a fair amount. Ram Through is decent removal, but if used with our commander while it has trample it can easily end an opponent. Night Soil is solid graveyard hate and makes chump blockers. Spidersilk Armor helps against flying decks.

    We do a fair amount of ramping with mana dorks and cards like Sakura Tribe Elder and Wood Elves and the deck relies on combat damage to win, so we have some big boys and girls; Ulamog's Crusher, Walker of the Grove, Wrecking Beast and Orchard Elemental. But we rely on our commander to do most of the beating.

    There's also a combo mostly by accident: Ivy Lane Denizen + Presence of Gond + Devoted Druid can make an arbitrary amount of tokens. But they're in the deck because they're good on their own. Keep an eye out for the combo though!

    So the weaknesess of the deck would definitely be graveyard hate. It doesn't completely fold to a removed graveyard unlike another deck but it's a bummer for sure. Flying decks can beat us if we don't draw some reach / fight spells / Spidersilk Armor and with a lot of 1 health minions we can easily be wiped, but it does kind of advance the game plan. Something that's missing from the deck is taking advantage of going wide, I'd appreciate suggestions.

    If you have any thoughts or advice, please let me know!




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