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Overgrown Zoo (PDH) (EDH / Commander)

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    Pauper EDH is an alternative format that uses any uncommon creature as the commander, and the 99 are commons.

    This mono-green deck has Gamekeeper as its commander, an uncommon with a fairly unique ability. Once Gamekeeper dies, it goes into the graveyard and you may exile it, if you do you reveal the top of your library until you hit a creature and you put it into play.

    Naturally that means the deck wants as big creatures as possible, and avoids any smaller creatures that would be whiffs.

    PDH doesn't have the greatest creatures but getting a Hand of Emrakul or Ulamog's Crusher is fantastic.

    However to activate Gamekeeper, it needs to die. Most opponents are probably just going to accept the 2 damage it threatens, so attacking is pointless. But it makes for a good blocker.
    Besides blocking we have cards like Ashnod's Altar, It of the Horrid Swarm and Metamorphosis to sacrifice it when we'd like.
    We also run a lot of fight spells like Prey Upon, Savage Swipe, Pounce etc. which means we can run Gamekeeper into ideally a trade but it might be worth just throwing him at something big.

    With Gamekeeper's ability any non-creatures we find are put into the graveyard, which is why cards like Dragon Fangs and Talons of Wildwood are good, as we can get them back if they're milled. We also run Revive and Pulse of Murasa for recursion.

    Since the deck is packed with huge creatures we run a ton of ramp in order to cast whatever Gamekeeper doesn't pull.

    Some notable creatures are Maelstrom Colossus & Annoyed Altisaur that hopefully cascades into another big creature. Sadly they don't trigger when we get them with Gamekeeper, but they're still huge if we do.

    Green's card advantage in pdh isn't the best and a lot of it is tied to smaller creatures however we do run Bequeathal (since we want our commander to die), Winding Way, Lead the Stampede and we have Bonder's Ornament & Magnifying Glass as mana sinks.

    A lot of our big buddies have trample themselves but for the ones that don't we have Dragon Fangs, Talons of Wildwood, Cartouche of Strength and Fleetfeather Sandals & Whispersilk Cloak's evasion is useful as well.

    Night Soil & Relic of Progenitus are our graveyard hate cards, the former also provides chump blockers.

    Weaknesses of the deck are most of all kill spells with exile, for example Unmake or Crib Swap as they prevent Gamekeeper from triggering, we also struggle with wide decks as they can circumvent our big buddies. For flying we have Spidersilk Armor and a fair amount of fight spells, but they're likely to ignore Gamekeeper's blocking.

    If you have any thoughts or suggestions, please let me know!




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