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Copy of: Cat City (EDH / Commander)

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    Cat-Swinging Tribal. 9 Lives, Baybe. I've noticed that this deck begins with a very sharp offensive getting out a 2/2 or 3/3 for 2CMC turn 2 and getting Arahbo's bonus as soon as they attack. You can deal 5-6 damage way earlier than anyone else will be able to, hopefully with Lifelink too. As you get more cats out and more tokens hanging around, then you can start to swing wider, and hopefully the meager 1/1 and 2/2 tokens will end up closer to 5/4s with all that pump.

    Lifegain theme meant to keep life total steady even after swinging hard and leaving few blockers left. If you get a lifelinker out early game, your life total tends to run away while you bully the weakling at the table. Easy win-con with Felidar Sovereign (if it can stick) if you're having a good life-gain early game.

    Hidden Enchantment/Artifact Hate focus in here. Qasali Slingers and Feline Sovereign do a lot of work when they come out, with the right token synergies they 100% shut down Artifact and Aura opponents.

    Arahbo's Eminence (and activated ability if he's out) makes for really strong Second Main Phases. Lets say you have Jazal Goldmane (4/4 CMC4) out, and you have just 1 tribal pumper, like King of the Pride (gives Cats +2/+2). Even without attaching equipment or other pumpers, you put Arahbo's +3/+3 Eminence on him, he's a 9/8 til end of Turn. Soul's Majesty draws 9 Cards, Inscription of Abundance can gain 9 Life and/or have a 9/8 fighter, Mosswort Bridge can put a huge creature out way earlier.



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