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Agent of TreacheryAltar of DementiaAmphin MutineerArcane SignetAshen-Skin ZuberaAshiok, Dream RenderAshnod's AltarBaleful StrixBojuka BogBroodbirth ViperBurglar RatCavalier of GalesCavalier of NightClearwater Pathway // Murkwater PathwayClearwater Pathway // Murkwater PathwayCountersquallCrow of Dark TidingsCyclonic RiftDead of WinterDeadly RollickDemon's DiscipleDemonic TutorDeranged AssistantDiluvian PrimordialDimir AqueductDimir SignetDiscontinuityDramatic ReversalDrown in the LochDrowned CatacombElixir of ImmortalityFeed the SwarmFleshbag MarauderFloating-Dream ZuberaForce of DespairGrave TitanGray Merchant of AsphodelHalimar DepthsIllusionist's BracersJace, Wielder of MysteriesKeiga, the Tide StarKokusho, the Evening StarLightning GreavesMalakir Rebirth // Malakir MireMalakir Rebirth // Malakir MireMesmeric OrbMillikinMorphic PoolMulldrifterNarset, Parter of VeilsPanharmoniconPerpetual TimepiecePharika's LibationPhyrexian TowerPolluted DeltaPonderPongifyPriest of GixReanimateRiver of TearsSepulchral PrimordialSnow-Covered IslandSnow-Covered SwampSol RingSolemn SimulacrumSpellseekerStitch TogetherStitcher's SupplierSundial of the InfiniteSunken RuinsSwan SongTalisman of DominanceTemple of DeceitThassa's OracleToxic DelugeTribute MageTrove TrackerVindictive LichWatcher for TomorrowWatery Grave