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AbsorbAbsorbAdarkar WastesAdarkar WastesAstral SlideAstral SlideAstral SlideAstral SlideCoastal TowerComplicateComplicateComplicateDecree of JusticeDecree of JusticeDecree of JusticeElfhame PalaceEternal DragonEternal DragonEternal DragonExalted AngelExalted AngelForestForestIslandIslandIslandLonely SandbarPhantom CentaurPhantom CentaurPlainsPlainsPlainsPlainsPlainsRenewed FaithRenewed FaithRenewed FaithSecluded SteppeSecluded SteppeSecluded SteppeStandstillStandstillStandstillStandstillSwords to PlowsharesSwords to PlowsharesTranquil ThicketTranquil ThicketTreetop VillageTreetop VillageTreetop VillageWall of BlossomsWall of BlossomsWall of BlossomsWall of BlossomsWrath of GodWrath of GodYavimaya CoastYavimaya CoastYavimaya Coast

Blue Elemental BlastChillChillDisenchantGaea's BlessingGaea's BlessingMana WebNaturalizeNaturalizeSeedtimeSwords to PlowsharesTormod's CryptTormod's CryptTormod's CryptWrath of God