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Amass the ComponentsArcane SignetBala Ged Recovery // Bala Ged SanctuaryBala Ged Recovery // Bala Ged SanctuaryBeast WithinBlasphemous ActBrainstormCastle ArdenvaleCastle VantressChromatic LanternClear the MindCommand TowerCommander's SphereCosmic InterventionCultivateDamnationDecree of JusticeDecree of SilenceDemonic TutorDivine VisitationDream CacheEerie UltimatumEndless SwarmEnduring IdealEnlightened TutorEpic ExperimentEternal DominionEvolving WildsExotic OrchardFabled PassageFarseekFires of YavimayaForestGenerous GiftHall of Heliod's GenerosityHellcarver DemonHonden of Cleansing FireHonden of Infinite RageHonden of Life's WebHonden of Seeing WindsImpulseIndatha TriomeIslandIslandIslandIslandKessig Wolf RunKetria TriomeKodama's ReachLat-Nam's LegacyLearn from the PastMemorial to FollyMirari's WakeMistveil PlainsMountainNature's LorePact of NegationParadox HazePath of AncestryPlainsPlainsPrismatic VistaProteus StaffRaugrin TriomeReflecting PoolRejuvenating SpringsSanctum of AllSanctum of Calm WatersSanctum of Fruitful HarvestSanctum of Stone FangsSanctum of Tranquil LightSavai TriomeScroll RackSee BeyondSisay, Weatherlight CaptainSol RingSolitary ConfinementSpell SwindleSphere of SafetyStarfield of NyxSterling GroveSwampSwiftfoot BootsTempt with DiscoveryTerramorphic ExpanseTwinning StaffValakut Awakening // Valakut StoneforgeValakut Awakening // Valakut StoneforgeVampiric TutorVault of ChampionsWayfarer's BaubleWheel of MisfortuneWorldly CounselWrath of GodZagoth Triome