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Adherent of HopeAdherent of HopeAegar, the Freezing FlameAnimating Faerie // Bring to LifeArni Slays the TrollBiomathematicianBiomathematicianBiomathematicianBiomathematicianBloodline PretenderBloodline PretenderBloodline PretenderBloodline PretenderConclave MentorCrippling FearCrippling FearDragonsguard EliteEmergent SequenceEmergent SequenceEmergent SequenceEmergent SequenceHarald Unites the ElvesLittjara KinseekersLittjara KinseekersLittjara KinseekersLittjara KinseekersMasked VandalMasked VandalMaskwood NexusMaskwood NexusPack LeaderThe Bears of LittjaraThe Bears of LittjaraTymaret Calls the Dead