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Copy of: MAKE ARTIFACTS - NOT STAX. - (Urza, Lord High Artificer) (EDH / Commander)

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>Why Urza?

>Story Time

I've been playing Magic since about 1998 and have always been captivated by the lore and the different characters.
The character I always liked the most and unfortunately never had his own creature card was Urza.
After a very intense time around the Onslaught block, I took a long break and gave up playing completely.
During Corona, my friend with whom I played Magic at the beginning got me back on track. I built my first Commander decks and then I found him: URZA, FCKING LORD HIGH ARTIFICIER.

> Facts

I decided to play Urza WITHOUT stax and WITHOUT infinite combos. I just don't like it.

So Urza is the right commander for you if you:

  • love the lore around him
  • want a extreme fast commander deck
  • like to play a little bit of control
  • love artifacts
  • love big blue spells

>How fast is this deck?

I play almost all fast mana rocks in this deck, so Urza is an extremely fast and versatile commander deck.

Once Urza is on the field, you also get a construct token that you can instant speed tap for blue mana.

As a rule, you can say that Urza is on the field 90% of the time on turn 2-3. With a very good hand also on turn 1.

An average start would look like this:

>Setup Phase

Turn 1: Land for turn + Mana Rock
Turn 2: Land for turn + Urza (or Mana Rock)
Turn 3: Land for turn + Value Card
Turn 4: Land for turn + Ability of Urza

>Time to kill

As a rule, a quick start and a few value cards make you public enemy number 1.
This deck runs all the best counterspells to protect Urza and my key cards.
Urza often wins out of nowhere because with his ability you can cast cards like Expropriate, Time Stretch, Blightsteel Colossus or similar for free.


At the beginning, the first law is to protect urza. After a successful build-up phase, it is bearable if he is destroyed multiple times. At the beginning, however, it is a big problem.

>Starting Hands

In most cases, an average starting hand will look like this:

>Get your Setup online

The best setup plan (in case you have the right cards) would be:

  1. Get your manabase ready with at least 1-2 mana rocks
  2. Play an early Urza and have 1-2 blue mana in case of a need for a counterspell
  3. Play value cards or the activated ability
  4. Play value cards or the activated ability
  5. Play value cards or the activated ability

>Why no Stax or Infinte Combos?

I hate it.

>Fuel for the machines

A quick overview of the included ramp cards and why I play them:

  • Chrome Mox - I only imprint in the early game, in the mid or late game I play it as a 0 mana artifact that taps with Urza for blue mana
  • Everflowing Chalice - classic ramp artifact that fits perfectly with urza, I can play it either with multikicker or as a 0 mana artifact that taps with Urza for blue mana
  • Grim Monolith - Fast mana to quickly play Urza or other payoffs, untaps itself with unwinding clock
  • Jeweled Lotus - perfect for casting Urza on turn 1 or getting it back on the board quickly after removal
  • Karn, Legacy Reforged - Extreme ramp as soon as there are some artifacts on the board, I usually use it to trigger urza 1-2 times
  • Lotus Petal - 0 mana artifact that taps with Urza for blue mana and can be sacrificed for 1 mana in a pinch
  • Mana Crypt - the epitome of fast mana
  • Mana Vault - Fast mana to quickly play Urza or other payoffs, untaps itself with unwinding clock
  • Mox Opal - can usually be used immediately due to the large number of artifacts
  • Sol Ring - the GOAT

Why no Mox Diamond?
I'm poor.

>Just don't think about it

I currently play the following counterspells in this deck:

>More cards = more ways to build my army.

To have a consistent card draw, I play the following cards:

Why no Windfall?
I just don't like this card, because you give your opponents also too much value in my opinion.

>I'm not gonna lie - this is going to hurt like hell :D

These two cards are absolute finishers and spread fear and fright as soon as they enter the field:

>Bounce that

>Say goodbye

To control the board and to defend myself I play the following removal spells:

  • All is dust - Boardwipes everything except my beloved artifacts - in best case i phase out urza before that
  • Portal to Phyrexia - All in one, one-sided boardwipe and reanimator. Copy target number one.
  • Resculpt - cheap exile spell for creatures or artifacts
  • Tormod's Crypt - GY hate

>Call the machines

I deliberately decided against a high number of tutors because I'm just personally not a fan of this way of playing.

The following tutors are included in the deck:

The following tutors are not included:

  • Whir of Invention - Reason: I had this card in my deck for a long time, but personally I'm just not a fan of the cost/benefit ratio.

>Don't you dare to touch the King.

To protect myself and my cards, I play the following cards:

>Like in school = Copy & Paste

I play various cards that can copy effects or cards:

>Don't stop.

Don't stop, make it pop
DJ, blow my speakers up
Tonight, I'm fighting
'Til we see the sunlight
Tick tock on the clock
But the party don't stop, no

>Inflation kicks also in MTG!

Everything gets more expensive! Inflation keeps growing!

>Flicker to get bigger

I play flicker spells for 2 reasons:

  1. I can flick Urza to protect him
  2. I can flick Urza to create construct tokens

> Lands of Urza

Why no Gemstone Cavern?
I dont see the need for it.

>Ways to win

In most cases, Urza wins because of the sheer value the deck can generate. There is always the possibility to play a finisher spell via Urza's ability for free.

Finishers in this deck would be:

An example of a value setup that can lead to victory would be:

-The One Ring

With this setup, one Ring AND Urza can be triggered in each upkeep of each player.


Combo decks:
Due to the large number of counterspells, I can control the opponent's combo pieces well (in a round of 4 it becomes more difficult for me alone). In general, I have to say that I have a bad matchup against cedh combo decks due to my lack of combos. However, in rounds of 4, combo decks are usually the number 1 goal, which in turn works in my favor because I can build up in peace.

Swarm, Stompy or Voltron Decks:
I have a hard time against decks that attack me with a variety of creatures, so I try to stop that with Propaganda and Aetherize. Against stompy or voltron decks I can often try to jump block or try to generate a larger number of strong construct tokens. I can also limit this using targeted removal spells. One possibility here would be to reanimate strong opponent blockers, for example with a portal to Phyrexia.

Stax decks:
If the corresponding stax cards are played AFTER Urza is on the field, I can generally handle it well. I can tap all artifacts for mana and can also use my tutors to search for an unwinding clock from the deck, for example. If the Stax limits the card draw, I will change my play style solely to urza's ability. If activated abilities are restricted, I try to win through value. However, in rounds of 4, Stax decks are usually the number 1 target, which in turn works in my favor because I can build up in peace.

Control decks:
I can keep up well against control decks because of the variety of interactions in my deck. The goal, however, is to tutor Chimil, the Inner Sun very quickly and bring it onto the field to protect my spells. Another possibility here would be Teferi, Mage of Zhalfir.
Urza is definitely the least effective against control decks because all spells that are cast for free with Urza can be countered.

>How to keep the pressure off or "How to be a politcian"

There are 2 ways to make sure your opponents don't put too much pressure on you:

  1. Build a solid defense with cards like Construct Token

  2. Politics. My game depends a lot on who the strongest player is and how I get him not to attack me and increase the pressure on the other opponents. I often achieve this through agreements such as: "I won't destroy XY for you if you don't attack me" - sounds easy? It is, and it works very often.

Ultimately, the plan is not to look dangerous until you can be ;)


1. How fast is this deck? How many turns does it take to do the setup? On what turn do you typically play Urza?

  • Very fast, turn 1 Urza is a absolut realistic thing. In most cases he comes about turn 2-3.

2. How do you keep the pressure off?

  • Really good question. The answer is - politics - because I'm always trying to put the focus on an opponent and away from me.

3. How badly is this deck hurt by stax pieces that limit card draw? How would you deal with this situation?

  • Stax is painful but not dramatic. Mana is usally not a problem in this deck. Card draw is also painful, but with the ability of urza it is okay to deal with.



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