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Pantheon of Angels, 3rd Revision (Modern)

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Pantheon of Angels - When Angels take flight.

A tribal-focused midrange deck with emphasis on life-gain and tokens.

Very open to feedback / better cards then what's provided, or to make the deck more versatile.

The deck was formally a combo deck, but now serves as a synergistic midrange, with focuses on overwhelming the opponent with angel tokens, life gain, and angel buffs.

Use Path to Exile to counter creature threats (or get mana, if desperate), avoid damage where possible to make full use of Luminarch Ascension.
Use Gift of Estates to catch up mana ramps, and to catch up on potential missed drops due to the low land count. Path to Exile -> Gift of Estates works well.
Resplendent Angel, Luminarch Ascension, and Speaker of the Heavens are your token generators. Try to plan your life gains around maximizing this.
Righteous Valkyrie and Bishop of Wings are your main life gain contributors, Rest for the Weary in a pinch; Good for emergency token generation if you can get a land drop.


  • Deck was made with local meta in mind, using a $300 dollar limit. The deck formerly dealt with mana-ramp and aggro, but now faces a control heavy playstyle. The deck attempts to compensate for this.
  • Overall meta is untested and will continue to be for the foreseeable future.
  • Entreat the Angels is my favorite MTG card, and therefore it's an include for me, but could be replaced.




This deck appears to be legal in Modern.

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» Revision 5 June 5, 2024 Revu
Mana Revamp; Upgrades; Sideboard.
Revision 1 April 14, 2024 Revu
Revision 3.0 Major Changes.
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