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Copy of: [PDH] Imperious Perfect (Elf Tribal) (EDH / Commander)

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This deck is for the Pauper Commander format. Learn more here: Pauper EDH Primer on TappedOut + MTG Wiki - Pauper Commander + /r/PauperEDH

I've finally done it, and it's gorgeous. Years ago I was stunned at the power level of pauper elves, they didn't seem to be hampered by the commons-only format at all! My first PDH deck was Goblins, so I feel like I've finally come full circle after all this time.

Goblins was very limited when I built it, you had one hard punch and then would run out of gas, mono-red aggro is difficult to pull off in PDH. Elves seems to be able to duck that problem by having bigger payoffs some actual card draw, and mana sinks.

We'll see if I went too far into the tribal aspect, I had to remove a ton of cards to fit in all these elves. I love the amount of creatures, the traditional big stompy cards, and the classic utility cards in mono-green.

I went with Imperious Perfect as she's a cheap lord that gives me a board that can duck boardpings. I COULD have played Abomination of Llanowar, or a pair of partner commanders (likely Numa, Joraga Chieftain + Nadier, Agent of the Duskenel). I could have. Instead I chose this. I'm considering making a Golgari Elves deck too, but for now my desire to fit in a bunch of awesome elves into a deck has been sated.

Now, to give pauper goblins an upgrade! No matter the format, elves will do just fine, I need to go give some TLC to those poor little gobbos now that better cards exist.



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