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War politics final (EDH / Commander)

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“Appear weak when you are strong, and strong when you are weak.”
― Sun Tzu, The Art of War


Agression in MTG is usually based in spells that affect inmediatelly one or several players that will get angry and respond you at any possible time. This brew is designed to face that situation faking an initial pacefull position and aiming to help other players while instigating them to attack each others until a fatal end is inevitable (as commonly happens in real wars).

This deck is mean to be played in 4 player matches where all instigating and curse strategies shine.

Take allies at the beggining, gain some resources by letting them attack each other and finally create some chaos and big threats to smash the remainings.

Curses and vows let you increase the number of cards that you can draw with Zedruu the (not so) Greathearted while there is also numerous cards that can be given to other players or that rotate among them.

While it is constructed using high price land cards (usually proxy my decks), real versions of this deck can be purchased substituting the rich cards with a more budget friendly ones.

I cannot decide about the remaining cards that I have to cut in order to decrease the total amount to 100 and therefore it is still under construction. Tips and discussion is really welcomed.


Defcon 5:
Initiate the game stablishing some alliances with one or two players. Two-side teatry and Fake peace sections are perfect for that.

Defcon 4:
Opponent permanents that pose a threat can be readucated and put in your favor using cards from Colonialist tactics section. Drawing is important here to keep pace of other strategies.

Defcon 3:
What is better than attacking with big creatures? Letting other players attack each others while to eat some popcorn. Instigate War section with a lot of goad cards, vows and curses that will turn lucrative for other to attack among them. Against the system! section is to focus the group attention to one problematic player that doesn't want to cooperate.

Defcon 2:
During late game it will be imposible to keep faking your insterest and open war will start. Too late for your opponents, you may find cards in Declaration of war and Total war sections that will spark the agression among all people, including you.

Defcon 1:
An appocaliptic nuclear war scenario is perfectly recreated by using cards of section Nuclear weapons (chaotic ultimate effects). Most probably you will lose control of the game but hey! we are here to play some fun games not to win all your matches. In war, all parts lose, you included.



I love Zedruu to no end, and of all my brews to date, this one is the most fun, for me and everyone else in my playgroup. I'd like to hear your thoughts on it, so please leave a comment if you care. Thanks!


This deck is based in the interesting brew "Zedruu the Greathearted: All Fun and Games" ( from Hoppeltrottel ( but including some political cards from the useful guides of Taveena ( thanks to both



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