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Dragon Ball meets MTG - Tribute to Akira Toriyama - Becoming Vegeta (EDH / Commander)

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Your early game powers up much like most commander decks: you ramp and set up early engines. You hunt for the dragonballs, assembling a Sol Ring or Mind Stone while the Harsh Mentor aspect of Vegeta looms over the table.

Your midgame is a bit more ramp, ideally getting Kaervek the Merciless down well ahead of schedule, but it's no guarantee. Vegeta may not join the party until the plot allows, so instead the setup continues. Dreadbore and friends keep singular problems off the board, the Saibamen can start pinging the table and you set yourself up for the real beat down.

In the late game Vegeta has finally powered up and so have your biggest spells. Revel In Riches might threaten to suddenly pop a victory, a Warstorm Surge backed by a Virtue of Persistence is persistently good at sinking wins and if the game runs long you'll find your Galick Gun (Torment of Hailfire) can absolutely be a planet breaker.

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