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Abzan BeastmasterAbzan CharmAssault FormationAustere CommandAutochthon WurmAxebane GuardianBanishing LightBrave the SandsBrawnChampion of LambholtColossus of AkrosCommand TowerCrackdownCultivateDiabolic TutorEnsouled ScimitarFeed the PackFell the MightyForbidding WatchtowerFruit of the First TreeGrim ContestIndomitable AncientsJareth, Leonine TitanKin-Tree InvocationMarble TitanMeekstoneMentor of the MeekMortifyNissa's ExpeditionNissa's PilgrimageNissa's RenewalNylea, God of the HuntOathsworn GiantOblivion RingOpal PalaceOrzhov KeyruneOvergrown BattlementPalace SiegePlea for GuidancePutrefyReliquary TowerRetribution of the MeekRolling StonesSapling of ColfenorSelesnya CharmShield SphereShirei, Shizo's CaretakerSight of the ScalelordsSilklash SpiderSkinshifterSlagwurm ArmorSolidaritySoul of the HarvestSouls of the FaultlessStalwart Shield-BearersSylvan CaryatidThunderfoot BalothTower DefenseTree of RedemptionUtter EndVine TrellisWakestone GargoyleWall of IceWall of MulchWall of NetsWall of RootsWall of SoulsWarmonger's ChariotWave of Reckoning

Arcane LighthouseBayouBlossoming SandsBrushlandCanopy VistaCaves of KoilosCity of BrassDoran, the Siege TowerElfhame PalaceFetid HeathGolgari GuildgateGolgari Rot FarmGrasslandsGraypelt RefugeIsolated ChapelJungle HollowLlanowar WastesMurmuring BoskOrzhov GuildgateVivid GroveVivid MarshVivid Meadow